Bagong Pilipinas: A Nation Filled with Good Hopes for the Country

Today is indeed a very historical day for the Filipinos. A few moments ago, our 15th President, NoyNoy Aquino, was inaugurated at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila together with the newly-elected Vice-president Jejomar Binay. It was indeed a defining moment for the Filipinos as we were finally liberated from the claws of the previous corruptive government. More than half a million Filipinos went to Quirino Grandstand to personally witness the inauguration of the new president. Those people didn’t mind the heat of the sun, the sweat, and other obstacles. They just wanted to be there, flesh and blood, to witness and experience the start of the so-called change that this country’s long been waiting and hoping for.

As for me and the millions of other Filipinos, we decided to just stay in the house and watch the live coverage of the inauguration on television. It might have felt a lot amazing if I could watch the rites at Quirino Grandstand and join the other Filipinos shouting for joy, but I woke up late and I wasn’t really that excited of this PNoy’s inauguration thing before.

It was when I saw on TV a large flock of Filipinos who really braved their way to the venue of the inauguration, all smiling, and their faces all filled with hopes for the incoming new government that I felt so melodramatic, as if my heart melted.

Admittedly, tears fell from my eyes when various Filipino artists sang the official inaugural song “Bagong Pilipinas.” I actually had goosebumps. The lyrics of the song spoke of it all– the gladness of the whole nation for this victory and the hope for change. But it was still Noel Cabangon’s powerful performance who made me burst into tears. I loved it when he asked everyone to raise their right hands and vowed to be good Filipino citizens. I totally agree with Jim Paredes when he tweeted that Noel Cabangon’s song should be immortalized. In my own opinion, has that special power to talk to you sincerely through his songs about love for country, for change, about yourself and what should you be doing as a citizen of this country. He is indeed the man!

Then came the inaugural address of President Noynoy Aquino. I must admit, I was glued to the television set, listening to his speech. I wasn’t that interested in speeches before, but PNoy’s speech was something worth listening to. He made it sound so natural. It wasn’t really boring at all. It was supposed to be just for 10 minutes but it was actually 20 minutes long. But it’s okay. He gave a view of what his government would be like in the next six years. I guess that part of his speech that stayed so much on my head was when he said that the Filipinos are his boss and that there’ll be no more wang-wang’s on the road, counterflows and kotongs.

Honestly, I was never a fan of Noynoy. I didn’t even vote for him. I was even the one telling my friends and family that he doesn’t deserve the people’s votes because he’s forever using the names of his parents. Right now, I still don’t root for him. We still don’t know if he could really bring change to the Philippines.

But yes, I am in one with the millions of Filipinos all over the world who are praying for a real great change to our country.

I am putting my faith in God and not to the new president because no matter what, it is still God who has the ultimate power to create change. I pray that He will use PNoy to make that change and that satan will not be given a chance to even get a hold of him, or at least whisper evil thoughts to him.

I hope that PNoy will not see money and power as brilliant and tantalizing as they looked before in the eyes of the previous governments. Instead, may true service and honest governance look more appealing to him. May the picture of the millions of Filipinos who believed in him shine on his thoughts everyday so that his main purpose of having that seat would really be carried out.

The Filipinos prayed for this change. a lot of measures had been observed and took place just to make sure that this year’s election could really mean change. I say it was a success for it was not only a few influential and powerful people who chose the president now, like it used to be before. It was the people’s choice this time. Hence, I am filled with high hopes for this new government.

I know PNoy is no Santa Claus that he could grant all our wishes and request, but I hope that he could at least grant the greatest wish of all—TO SERVE AND LEAD THE COUNTRY HONESTLY.

I have always been proud of being a Filipino, but I hope that with this new government, I would be even more proud to be called as one.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Note: repost (june 2010)


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