Becoming Jane

I hope my good friend Jane won’t hate me if I tell her I’ve watched Becoming Jane last night. Anyway, this movie is really worth watching over and over again so I could still watch it with her anytime she wants:-) Right jane?

I am just so fascinated with the story of Jane Austen. She is such an amazing woman. I’ve always loved her for being the great authoress that she is but I admire her even more for being so selfless to let go of her one true love for the sake of a number of mouths to feed.

The story of Ms. Austen and Mr. Tom Lefroy is something you don’t often see everyday. It is some kind of everlasting and goes beyond the you-and-me-against-the-world concept of love. I was so deeply touched when after many years of not seeing each other, after many events that happened along the way–including the arranged marriage of Mr.Lefroy to another woman, they still felt the fire of their undying love for each other. And to Ms. Austen’s surprise, Mr. Lefroy named his daughter after Ms. Austen.

Ms. Austen didn’t get to marry and just chose to spend the rest of her life weaving words of romance to spread the power of love to the rest of the world. She proved that being single doesn’t mean you are less of a person because you can be whole if you just chose to be. How wonderful is it for a woman who weren’t given the chance to experience the happy-ever-after in the world of love to be able to write love stories which all ends in a happy-ever-after note. Such an amazing woman with a remarkable talent that the lovers of creatively weaved words from across many generations happily endured and smiled with.


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