Happy Papa’s Day to the greatest Papa in the world!


Despite his physical absence, I still feel blessed that I was able to spend wonderful times with my pops: hugged him, kissed him, laid beside him on the bed, and had funny and witty convos with him. I know that we’ve served him well during the last few years of his life. Tomorrow’s the first Father’s Day celeb without him and im on emo-mode. Oh well, Happy Dads’ Day Pa!

We terribly miss you. Kaya lang we know naman that you were no longer enjoying your life here on Earth because of the physical pains you’re feeling kaya it would be very selfish of us if we’d still wish for you back. Cguro if you’ll be back without those pains, that would be very fine. But just the same, God’s plans are better than ours. He will not make a decision that would ruin His people’s lives. I know God loves our family so much. He’s been blessing us with love, happiness, and comfort. I know that you are better off now that you’re already walking in the lovely garden of God in heaven. Love you Papa dearest!


Note: repost (june 2010)


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