My Thank You List of 2010

The year which is about to end created a lot of difference in my life. Some episodes made me jumped for joy, some crushed my heart into pieces, while some simply made me enjoy the ride for a moment. Nonetheless, I owe everything to my Beautiful Savior. Every good decision I made, every wrong move I took, every moment of my existence. If not for His kindness and His unfathomable love, I wouldn’t be able to surpass year 2010.


For the year 2010, these are the major things I’m grateful to God for:


1. The comfort during times of grief

– The saddest episode of my 2010. God already called Papa back to His kingdom. It was very painful–actually, it’s a recurring feeling. There are times the pain’s there that you can’t almost breath, sometimes, you’ll just feel easily concurring with whatever happened. What amazes me most is the unimaginable comfort that God blessed me and my family with during this painful episode–especially during that gloomy day we lost Papa. I’ve always been frantic everytime I think about stuff like Papa dying though I know it’ll happen soon due to his sickness. I would erase those thoughts from my mind and try to pretend that life on earth is forever. I thought then that I couldn’t handle another lost again, especially if it’s one of my parents or my sister. Amazingly, when my most feared about event happened, God’s love and comfort seemed to pour down from heaven and covered us wholly. I was in so much awe of the way He made us feel it. It really felt like He’s literally embracing us to make us feel everything’s going to be okay and that we just have to trust His will. If not for God’s grace during that time, it would have been a lot difficult for us to accept Papa’s death.


2. New career path

– Teaching was never a career option for me before. In fact, I can’t remember ever telling my playmates before that i want to be a teacher when I grow up. I’ve always been passionate about writing and I know that till the end of time, that is something I would still love to do. But God has a different plan for my life. When I prayed to Him and sincerely and earnestly asked for His leading to which career path I should be, God showed me another road to travel on. Teaching. It’s something I never pictured myself to be in but I believe that it is where God wants me to be. So I followed. I left the corporate world and all the glitz and glam of that world and pursued a career in teaching. And yes, I am very much happy and fulfilled with where I am now. The joy is very genuine and pure.  I still miss the corporate world but my heart now belongs to the little kids who are yet to discover the meaning of life. Not much pressures and stress. Just simply enjoying kulit times with the kids, laughing at their innocent ways of dealing with things and with people. Indeed, I am exactly where God wants me to be.


3. Enter graduate school

– I thank God that He allowed me to study in UP Diliman and pursue a certificate course in Education. Everything is indeed going very smoothly with my career:-)


4. My ultimate passion

– I thank God that despite having a new career, I’m still able to pursue my greatest passion in life which is WRITING. God blessed me with just the right schedule and the right companies so I could both enjoy teaching and my writing.


5. New victory group

– I am so blessed to be part of a new small group in our church. Of course I will forever love my VCF Ubelt small group but our schedules don’t always meet and we seldom see each other that’s why I had to look for a new one. I’ve been praying to God to lead me to the group He would want me to be in. Amazingly, He led me to Inna’s group in VCF-Malate. I thank God that I immediately felt the sense of belongingness in this group and felt like I’ve long been part of it. These ladies are very much God-centered and I know that I could learn a lot from them. I am actually inspired at how submissively they let God work in their lives. I know for sure I am in the right company of believers:-)


6. Chill moments with my since time immemorial friends

– I thank God that despite busy schedules and other priorities, He let me and my highschool friends meet and chill with each other a number of times this year. I think after we graduated from highschool, this is the year when we were able to be with each other the most number of times. We were even able to go out of town and finally fulfill that dream of enjoying the waves with each other. I love it that God blessed me with friends I could keep for the rest of my life. I know that even as we grow older and have more hair-coloring sessions to hide our white hairs, we’ll still remain friends. We’ll continue to laugh hard as we reminisce our good old highschool days.



7. Family matters

– I thank God for our families from both sides. I thank Him for blessing us with wonderful times to enjoy each other’s company.


8. Friends for Keeps

– I thank God for blessing me with friends I know I could keep for the rest of my life. I thank God for friends who’s always there to join me in my walkathons and who’s always ready to listen to all my hangups. I thank God for friends who never fail to lift my mood up with their heartwarming booster pills. I thank God for friends who, even if they’re miles away from me, never forget to send me messages just to say hello and update me on whatever they’re doing. I thank God for friends who make me feel loved and cared for.


9. My second family

– I thank God that I still have Oliver’s family; that despite not being able to see them every now and then, they still treat me as their own and that they still have a soft spot for me in their hearts. I’ll forever be thankful to God that despite Oliver’s death, I still have his family to make me feel loved and remind me always that once in my life, I met a very wonderful and loving man and became part of his life.


10. I thank God for His own way of making me feel that I am pretty:-)


note; repost (Dec 2010)


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