White Hat Frozen Yogurt


Finally, i got to taste the frozen yogurt offering of White Hat in SM Mall of Asia. I was so curious of this fro-yo brand since i’ve been reading and hearing a lot about it for the past months.

and off i went to MOA just to have a taste of this fro-yo..

haplessly, white hat’s fro-yo was not as yummy as i thought it to be..first of all, the yogurt is not that tangy..yogurt, i believe, must taste light in your tongue..with white hat, however, the fro-yo felt heavy on my tongue..oh well, perhaps it’s because it’s only 98% fat free..

what i also noticed about this fro-yo is that i felt thirsty after having my small cup, not like when i had my first large cup of California Berry’s fro-yo.

Oh well, White Hat is not really as good and as yummy as i thought it to be..the only edge they have is their long choices of toppings..but above all, i stll prefer CaliforniaBerry over it:-)


Note: This is a repost from my Blogger site (Oct. 2008)


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