Not Your Everyday Sweet Treats from God:-)

Miracles do happen to people everyday. The fact that you’re still alive reading this post is one great proof of that statement. We know that He works in our lives but sometimes, the way He works seem too obvious for us to notice–like we could really feel Him walking beside us, doing the miracle right before our very eyes.

Last night, I was privileged to experience and witness firsthand some sweet treats from God:-)

Since it’s a Friday, I could stay late to finish my online work so I decided to yield into my friend Michelle’s long-standing invitation for a videoke night. She and Erika wanted to go to Redbox. Being the budget-conscious that I am these days since I’m trying to save up for my upcoming trips, and Redbox being super expensive, I looked for some cheapo but still fine videoke place along Makati. Haplessly, either the places I suggested were already fully booked for the entire night, or Erika and Michelle doesn’t like the place.  Alright, so I decided to just give in to their going-gagah-over-Redbox mood. In my mind, I’m starting to calculate my budget and my savings if ever I’ll splurge a bit that night. However, since I sort of promised God that I will try not to do so much calculations about my money this year, I decided to stop my mental computations and opted to just entrust my budget to God.

And the first treat happened….

My sister kept nudging me about that Coffee Bean tumbler which I promised to give her as a post-Christmas gift. I don’t really have extra that time since I planned on buying it for her the next month. However, i thought of just giving it to her now so she’ll stop making kulit na. I was pretty sure of the amount of folded money I had in my wallet that time but to my surprise, I got extra P500 bill in that fold.  I really can’t believe it but I didn’t dwell much on the questions as to how that P500 bill got there or thought of other bills I forgot to pay. I just thanked God for I know that He’d just provided me an extra for that night.

On our way to Makati, the rain was falling sparingly. When we reached Ayala Avenue, Michelle texted me saying Redbox was already fully booked so she asked if we could just dine out or have coffee. That was the second treat of God:-) He just saved my P499!

Okay, so I dropped off my sister to her office and went straight to Mandarin Hotel where Erika and Michelle were waiting for me. On my way there, the rain began falling generously. I prayed to God to make the rain stop so we could enjoy the night out. To my dismay, the rain fell even heavier that i just decided to pass by the lobby of Mandarin Hotel instead of the employees’ entrance. Little did I know that the next surprises were up for grabs:-)

I went straight to the Public Relations office and saw my former colleagues there. Since we’re no longer going to Redbox, ERika left na for her yoga class. We exchanged some kwentos and kamustahans before Michelle decided to eat at Tin Hau. I would really want to just dine out since first of all, Tin Hau’s very expensive since it’s rate is that of a 5-star hotel; and second of all, I would want us to have more freedom to make kwento. But Michelle insisted and I couldn’t disagree more since the rain was really falling very hard that time. So we went to Tin Hau which is located at the 2nd floor of Mandarin Hotel. I just decided to prepare myself and my wallet  for the worst.

We ordered my favorite almond shrimp and two other dishes. Michelle then decided to invite the other PR ladies who came after me–Chenee and Donna. Since the PR boss was still in the office working, we decided to invite Ms.Charisse to join us, too. I missed her anyway so i thought it would be nice to exchange kwentos with her again after i left Mandarin. Good thing, Ms.Charisse accepted our invitation and joined us for a late dinner. After almost an hour of laughs and chats, Ms.Charisse decided to leave na since she still has millions of things to do for the upcoming event of the hotel. Few more minutes after Ms.Charisse left, Michelle asked for the bill. To our bewilderment, the manager of Tin Hau told us that Ms.Charisse already signed the bill (meaning, it would be deducted to her personal ledger on payday). We immediately called Ms.Charisse and confirmed it with her, and she just said it’s her treat to us. That moment, I could really hear the angels sing:-) My money just got saved again:-) And we even had free desserts courtesy of  Tin Hau’s manager.

Off to my last treat for the night…

Since the night’s still young, we decided to chill at Martini’s–the bar inside Mandarin Hotel. However, since Martinis has a dress code and I was wearing a jumpsuit last night, we decided to just stay at Captain’s Bar. Michelle ordered ladies’ drinks for us. The price of the drinks at that lounger is higher than your usual bar since it’s a hotel rate. Nevertheless, I just gave in since I haven’t spend a single amount for a food that night. So we chatted and chatted until we felt tired of talking and laughing. When we were about to get our bill, the attendant at Martinis told Michelle they’ll just fix the bill the next day because they’re just so busy that time. They didn’t even bother  checking what our orders were and how much would that be just in case. Well perhaps because they know us and they could see Michelle everyday in the hotel. But still, it’s close to saying  ‘hey, don’t bother paying. it’s our treat!’ And to this moment, no one ever contacted Michelle for that bill.

You see, I got lots obvious of sweet treats from God last night. I could really picture Him smiling at my bewilderment with the way He orchestrated everything for that spur of the moment lakad. From the rain that didn’t stop when I prayed for it to stop to the last part of that gimik night, I really felt God with us. God didn’t listen to my prayer for the rain to stop because if He did,  I would have not experienced and enjoy His other treats for me which He carefully prepared for me, for us, that night. I would have not enjoyed His other blessings had I just relied on the money in my wallet and in my worries about my savings.

Indeed, God is really a God of miracles and wonderful smiles. Just when you thought there’s no way out, He’ll come crashing a wall just so you can pass through it and meet His provisions there:-)

I’m expecting a miracle today. Are you?

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