A Battle Well Ended by the Man from Manila

(repost from my Multiply site–written in 2009)


And so the master died…

What i thought was a great weekend ahead (since it’s Eheads Final Set the next day), my mom and my sister texted me around 12:30nn last FRriday to inform me that Francis M already passed away. Much as i would want that news to be just a sort of bad joke, it wasn’t. And now the sad truth, the legendary Francis Magalona already bid farewell to this world, his family, his friends, his fans.

I am a stranger to this Man from Manila. And yes, up until the day he died, I never got a chance to actually see him in person. I could only delight myself of him through watching TV and listening to his songs. But nevertheless, the sadness I felt when I learned of his death and up until now, is uncontrollable.

I’ve always liked Francis M. I’ve always known him–and consider him– as the guy who started the rap music here in the Philippines. He’s one of the reasons why i drooled over Bagets back then. Whenever I hear his songs–especially those popularized in the early 90s–i am always put back in the nostalgic days of my youth.

Cold Summer Nights. This song was made memorable to me by a boy in my 1st Grade whom I had a crush on. Paulus. He sang a line from that song during our Christmas Party in Grade 1.

Meron Akog Ano. Royal True Orange commercial–the time when RTO still produces TVCs unlike now when you can only see various versions of Coke ads.

Mga Kababayan Ko. I was I think 7 or 8 when this song gained popularity and received great accolades from the masa. I remeber my tito (who was then a teenager) used to sing that song whenever he goes down the stairs and doing the moves of FrancisM when he reached the pit of the stairs. This song also reminds me of my titos’ and titas’ younger days with their bangs always sprayed on with spray net.

Mga Praning. I just love this song. Back then, what “adik” now used to be called “praning.”

Kaleidoscope World. My most love FrancisM song. Circa 1995, i think. This reminds me of my favorite summer with my childhood friends at home. This was also the time when TGIS and Gimik were hot TV programs every Saturday. Most of all, this song holds a very special meaning and message to every individual.

I may looked stupid and over-reacting when i literally cried last Friday when i heard the news, but that’s the way it is. That’s how i mourned for someone whom may never even be aware of my existence, but had been a part of my wonderful childhood and teenage memories through his songs. Indeed, he left a wonderful mark in every Filipino’s hearts.

Goodbye to the man who was never hesitant to show his patriotic side and who had always been proud to be called a FILIPINO.





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