In My Surreal State

(This is a repost from my Multiply site–written 5 years ago)

Sincerely, i still think i’m not yet ripe to be given a title such as a WRITER. However, i must admit it really feels sooo good to be called as one. It’s something that not all people could understand. akala nila, simple lang. Akala nila, walang masyadong effort. But the truth is, it takes a lot of hardwork, endless learning, and a number of uphill struggles just to have that title. It may not be as grand as Doctor, Attorney, or Engineer, but the fulfillment you’ll feel just by seeing your byline on your published article is something that a newbie writer like me will never exchange for big moolah or posh gadgets a corporate job could offer. If for actors and actresses, their acting awards are their prized possesssions, stress-relievers, and little delights, for writers–it’s our byline. No amount of money is worth seeing your precious name on any pages of a magazine or a well-respected broadsheet. Moreovr, no amount of money is worth the realization of a dream and emancipation of that passion inherent in a writer’s hearts.

A fellow writer and a cherished friend once told me that she admires my courage and audacity when it comes to pursuing my passion and reaching for my dreams. The truth is, i’m as coward and afraid as the other people wandering and searching for their personal legend. I also have my own share of life’s tribulations. The only difference is that, i already know what my personal legend is and i’m focused enough on that shining star i’ve been following eversince i unearthed my own legend that i always seem to walk on a straight direction towards that realization of my dream. And i owe everything to God. He’s been my ultimate supporter and my number 1 fan. He never fails to lift my spirits up.

Just the other day, i received again one of the greatest blessings of my existence. MEG Magazine’s editorial assistant texted me and informed me that Pierra-Meg’s editor, liked my writing flair and they decided to get me as one of Meg’s contributing writers. Man, was that great! It was such a great dream come true. I’ve been wanting to be part of Meg since the day i learned that such a magazine as Meg exists. The whole day, a smile was plastered on my face. I just can’t stop thanking God for all his graces.

Nonetheless, if God would still give me a chance to have just one wish, i wish that all people in the world will find a way to fulfill their dreams. I hope that they’ll never stop pursuing their passion and that they’ll never get discouraged by disappointments and failures. This world will be a much, much lovelier and happier place to live in if only all people will work their way to reach for their dreams.

Never stop dreaming. Never stop wishing. Never stop hoping. Most of all, never stop praying. God knows when’s the perfect time for all of us to shine.

Winks! God bless all of us!


One thought on “In My Surreal State

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