Isang Salamat Lang, Busog Na Ako

(repost from my Multiply site–written 4 years ago)


“Thank You..”

Very simple yet very powerful and heartwarming words..

I’m not very hard to please. Simpleng “thank you” lang ay sapat na para magalak ang aking puso.

Ngayong araw na ito, ilang beses ba ako nakatanggap ng salitang “salamat” at “thank you?” Hindi ko mabilang. basta ang alam ko lang, high ako ngayon. Super high kse I feel so blessed to have been surrounded with people who know how to say thank you and appreciate the things u did for them.

I didn’t know that my simple gestures could already brighten up someone’s day. Furthermore, I didn’t realize that my simple desire of spending a day with someone so dear to me could already put her in great joy. At isa pa, hindi ko rin inexpect na ang mga magandang salitang sinasabi ko ay tumatatak na pala sa puso ng mga nakakausap ko.

Narealize ko, totoo pala yung qoute na “smile and often and never frown for you’ll never know when you’re brightening up someone’s day just because of your smile…”

When i started this blog, my sole intention was only to have an outlet for my bubbles..madaldal ako pero hindi ako transparent sa emotions ko. This space served as my piece of sanctuary. naisip ko pa nun, at least kung mamamatay man ako ng wala sa oras, merong matitirang account ang mga maiiwan ko para knows nila kung ano-ano ba ang mga dilemmas ko at mga drama ko sa life. Pero never had i imagined that this piece of sanctuary could also be an inspiration to other people…

Honestly, i am overflowing with joy and gladness whenever people would tell me that they love reading my blogs because they could feel every inch of my emotions in every post i make. Sa inyong lahat na patuloy na nagbabasa ng blogs ko at walang sawang sumusuporta, maraming salamat. (Ateh, artista ka? Closing billboard ba ito?)

The inspiring and boosting words from those people made me feel like I’m really bound to be a writer and touch people’s lives. Thank you so much to all of you.

Sa lahat ng mga nagThank you, nagpasalamat, at nagappreciate sa mga ginawa ko, maraming salamat din sa inyo. I feel so blessed to have all of you.

Moreover, when i made a video for my friends who are very much “in-love,” i didn’t know that it could really touch them so hard, their hearts could melt…Honestly, natuwa lang tlaga ako sa pictures nila kse everytime i visit their pages, i feel like butterflies are flying all over and flowers of love are very much everywhere. Nonetheless, when they watched the video, all of them were so touched, they thanked me wholeheartedly.

When my better half died, i vowed to him that I’ll try my best to spread the word of TRUE LOVE to all my friends and acquaintances. Sabi ko pa nun, God blessed me with a very special kind of love kaya i believe that it’s my duty to let other people know the true wonders of TRUE LOVE..And perhaps, doing that video is just one of my ways of fulfilling that promise..I didn’t know that that would mean so much to them..Nevertheless, thank you so much for appreciating. Your wonderful words of appreciation are enough to make me feel happy.

See, a simple “thank you” is enough to brighten up someone’s life. Make it a habit to say thank you to every simple gesture done for you. Believe me, it could make a very big difference…Winks!



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