Kulay Orange Na Rose

(repost from my Multiply site–written 5 years ago)

If you’re going to ask me what i prefer more–working in print media or broadcast media–i would definitely answer without hesitation.PRINT MEDIA…it’s something that i feel i truly belong..

i am, however, super thankful that God gave me an opportunity to experience how it was like to work for a TV prod…i just feel so blessed that I am able to utilize my God-given talent–and earn ’nuff moolah from this:)

Last monday, December 04, 2006, the first-ever Pioneer Animation Awards night was held at the grand ballroom of Hotel Intercon..it was an event i never thought i could handle–but i did..

when my prod. supervisor asked me if i’m free to write a script for an awards night, i didn’t think twice. i immediately assumed it’s not as difficult and taxing as regular TV prods are..needless to say, i was wrong with my initial peception..Man! i never thought writing a script for an awards night was an exigent thing to do..

i literally had sleepless night working on the script alone–including revisions and add-ons…i sincerely felt like i was super OC that time..imagine me working on the script until 5am, then sleeping for two hours, waking up around 7am to prepare naman for my other work–which is yung PR firm naman..then, after my PR job, i face my other regular raket naman, then after that, scriptwriting ulit… grabeh! wasn’t it close to saying i’m slowly killing myself? hehehehe!

Nonetheless, the most backbreaking part of all was during the day of the event..i had to finish the whole script before 5pm for printing kse 630 yung event..haplessly, tinopak yung printer so we had to look for prnting shops para ma-print yung script…worst, one of the hosts, which happened to be Jolina Magdangal, didn’t know she’s supposed to be the main host of the night..so i had to revised again the script the last minute..and worst still, some of the presentors nde nakapunta so i had to look for other presentors and make some changes again sa script…grabeh! super ngarag! i wasn’t even able to change outfits nah..imagine me talking to celebrities wearing my bugs bunny shirt, bitin jeans, and icky slippers…fashionista! to think na all of the guests wore gowns and formal attires! astig!

But that’s how the life of the people behind the event goes…ngarag, toxic, sigawan sa backstage, at kung anik-anik pah! kalokah talaga!

But i had a blast, really! it was a wonderful experience worth remembering despite lots of bedlams along the way…at least, i was able to experience how it’s like working behind the scenes of a big production such as an awards night…and it felt good, especially when you hear well-known celebrities saying whatever it was you write on the script..it was truly an overwhelming feeling.:) it was, again, one fine and great dream that came through..

now i truly believe that once you put your heart in whatever it is you want to achieve in life, no matter how impossible it may seem, the universe will really conspire to help you pull-off with that dream..and i sincerely can’t stop thanking God for making me realize my personal legend as early as 10 years old..i know in my heart that as early as that age, God is already preparing me and honing my skills so i could pull-off with my dream..

but of course, it isn’t always rosy being in this field..i also has my own share of disheatening days–lalo na pag walang cheques na dumadating…Wahhhh! but that’s how life is..for it to be fair, everybody has to experience rejections and pains one time or another..nevertheless, what matters is how you deal with these failures and rebuffs…it’s never a matter of who’s the smartest kid in the class…it’s just about being passionate and enthusiastic in reaching for your dream…

never stop dreaming..never stop wishing..never stop thinking…never stop praying..God Will Provide!


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