Of A Friend Named Ghel and Trusting and Loving Unconditionally

(repost from my Multiply site–written 4 years ago)


***this is a post by a dear friend–Ghel. This made me realized that indeed, i could really touch someone’s life. Thanks for this Ghel-ogskie!

To: Apple… my angel of love
“When at times you feel confused of your feelings, think of me. Think of how miserable it is to live a life not being able to see, hold, or kiss again that person you love the most. And I hope, it would make you appreciate the love you have right now.”


To my dear friend who knows how to love until the end of time…. Apple… 🙂 Smile when you read this!

I wish i was her, a strong woman who hopes with a smile, who never doubts what love has to offer into most fair and unfair way.Where she finds happiness into simple things and not to expect so much in the world. Just having what she has, and that she will be bringing it to her journey forever. True love as i can see to her eyes, having Oliver forever in her heart, and that’s what keeps her going in a challenging battle of life versus love.

While the weakening me asked, how can someone be strong when love is facing the most different and abnormal problem in a situation? I thought i will be in the stage where i’ll let a star passed by, or let go of my hand coz i’m afraid to trust again. I fear of another tears to fall… and then how can i not love the way before?

I want to spend my time alone. But what if insanity attacks?, will i end up forever in an asylum? Or should i need someone to talk to, and make my brain and heart back again to its thinking and beating? I don’t understand myself, I’m thinking what will it look like if i said my condition, if i said what has been bothering me lately? Will it caused quarrels or will it leave me now? Just how important having someone now by your side.. who will always be there for you when you need them?

And the striking quote from the blog entitled “Nang Magmahal si Jollibee” by my friend Apple, just made me think, why would you have to let go when it’s all there infront of you holding on, why doubt when you have it already and it’s all yours? Why do you have to stay in one corner making yourself crazy all the time thinking of your misfortunes of love, your pathetic past and your heartbreaking love story which keeps you holding not to move on with him?

I guess, people adjusting to you is not the thing but yourself to do the adjustment. How can you accept that he’s now a changed man when all the things he’s doing for the both of you making you doubt all the time? And now, me, here standing thinking of a way and all i suggest is just to let go of my hand…

Thanks Aps….for not letting me do it… 🙂


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