The Polar Express

(Repost from my Multiply site–written 5 years ago)

I just finished watching Polar Express and i can’t help but write something about it…It was such a nice, heartwarming film…Actually, the story was just simple–it’s just about a boy who doesn’t believe in Santa Claus because he saw Santa’s clothes inside his dad’s closet..On the eve of Xmas, he saw a train passing by their house..when he went out, the conductor asked him to hop in and join them in their trip to the North Pole…And that started the little boy’s magical Xmas trip that changed his views about Christmas, Santa, and life in general..

Watching the film made me yearn so much to go back in time when life was as simple as 123 (now, what do we get? a 168?)..It made me long for that time when whenever i think of Christmas, I only think of the happiness it brings to my young heart (think of the gifts, the sumptuous meals, aginaldos, Christmas trees, etc.)..It made me want to return to the time when mine and my sister’s “pamasko” were always in pair (either different colors but same in style, or same color and different in styles)..Needless to say, that film made me hanker for my little girl in pigtail days–when life was very simple; when i only worry about what “pasalubong” will my mom give me when she get back from work; when i was free to dream of whatever i want to be (be it being the queen of england, an actress, or a singer); and when the only pain i know was physical–like bruises and scratches–and yes, very vert far from the heart…

As people grow old, life becomes more and more complicated and difficult..problems tend to grow a lot knotty, following us wherever we go..worries become bigger; dreams somehow get out of our grips; and pains grow to be more excruciating and agonizing, that it can no longer be healed by bandages and mom’s loving touch..

Somehow, i can’t help but wish i never grow i could still continue believing that superheroes are indeed real; that Santa Claus is not really my pops; so i could still long for weekends and feel giddy about summer for it means no school and lots of playtime with my cousins and friends; so i could still sleep during siesta and just do my assignments when i wake up; so i could still ask moolah from my mom without feeling guilty and useless; so i could still free my mind from eletricity bills, water bills, insurance, and never-ending taxes; so i could eat at wherever i want without thinking of the budget; and so i could be freed from the throbbing pain i’m feeling inside…

But i guess, that’s just how life is…you can only pass by that stage once–there’s really no turning back..That stage of my life might be the simplest and happiest phase, but still, i might not be able to experience that other side of my life if i didn’t leave that part..Perhaps, my understanding of life in general might not grow as deep as now, if i never grow old..And yes, i might not be able to meet such a wonderful guy in Oliver and my dreams might not find its way to reality, hadn’t i grow old..oh well, guess i just have to savor this time i have now, for who knows, i might one day yearn for this moment, too….

“One thing about dreams…it doesn’t matter where you’re going; what matters is deciding to get on..”- Polar Express


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