Just Because I Love Peppermint:-)

I can no longer recall when my love affair with peppermint started. Perhaps, it dated back to the time when I read about the story of a crazy girl named Peppermint and how even despite her not-so-stunning looks, she was able to capture the heart of a real gorgeous gentleman in the story. Or could be that I’m just too lazy to brush my teeth more than once a day that I just prefer to eat something minty to freshen my mouth? The latter’s a bit gross, though.

The exact moment had already escaped my memory. What I know is that I always look forward to Christmas season because I know that Starbucks will offer again Peppermint Mocha and my favorite peppermint brownie. Or if I’m not patient enough to wait for December, there’s always the Double Chocolate Mint at Seattle’s Best or if I want it hot, I could always go to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and have a sip of their heavenly Moroccan Mint Tea Latte. Just as long as I could feel that minty sensation on my tongue every time I take a sip, that would do me just fine.

Even with chocolates, I prefer mint flavor more. When I went to Macau a week ago, I chanced upon mint-flavored Cadbury Bubbly chocolate. It’s the usual chocolatey goodness of Cadbury with mint filling inside. When I saw it, I didn’t think twice and didn’t even consider my budget. I immediately took one and finished the whole bar even before we reached the hotel. I didn’t eve bother drinking water when I got to the hotel since my mouth still feels fresh from the minty taste of the chocolate.

I brought home two bars of this Cadbury Bubbly so my mom and my sis could have a taste of it, too. Nevertheless, it was still me who had the most number of chocolate slices when we opened the bars.

Another really delectable minty chocolate I got to taste was the Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark which my sister shared with me. Even if she woke me up super early when she arrived just to show me the chocolate, it was all okay with me. On a normal day without chocolate being waved on my face when I open my eyes, I would surely scream in disgust. But because I instantly saw the peppermint chocolate, sleep could take a backseat for a while.

I also tried Chip’s Delight Dark Chocolate with Mint. The good thing about mint chocolates, even locally-made products could taste imported since they’re all minty. I love Chip’s Delight minty chocolate because it made me forget my cravings for Cadbury Bubbly which are only available in some countries excluding Philippines. Plus, it’s very cheap–only P27.50 for a pack of 12pcs yummy minty chocolates:-)

Next thing I wanna try is the new Kitkat Mint. My mom refused to by me some when we saw it in the grocery this afternoon because it’s being sold by packs of 12 for P110. That’s too expensive na for my ‘luho,’ according to my mama. To Kitkat Mint, matitikman din kita!


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