Cozy Reading at Libreria

I am a book lover. I could literally spend hours reading books (for free) in a library or Powerbooks or Fully-Booked or any bookstore which allows free reading without  obliging you to buy one. Bookstore is also always my first stop whenever I go to the mall. Or if I’m going to meet someone, I always suggest to meet up in a bookstore. You can either see me in the self-help/Psychological books section, the Filipiniana section, Inspirational/Religious, Travel, or the History section.

I just love reading–even if it could really take a long while before I could finish a certain book or even if I still have lots of books in the house which I haven’t finished reading yet. And I always find it a delight whenever I chance upon a real nice bookstore on the way to wherever I am going.

I love those community-type bookstores (I don’t think there’s really a term such as that but that’s how I perceive them). You know the kind of bookstores you can find along the street which those who are not really book lovers wouldn’t dare notice. These kind of bookstores could give you that homey, welcoming feeling, like as if you are just reading a good piece inside the comforts of your own abode. And if you’re being too engrossed with your reading, you can also add a cup of coffee to make your reading moment a real relaxing one.

As I’m writing this piece and describing that kind of bookstore, the one that’s actually playing freely in my imagination is Libreria Bookstore which is located inside the artsy haven of Cubao Expo in Quezon City.

I came to know Libreria through browsing over the pages of I first liked the pictures of the place and basically how she wrote about it made me want to really go and visit Libreria. I invited my walking buddy and fellow explorer friend Jane but she was super busy that time so we had to re-schedule the Cubao Expo adventure.

Days passed. One afternoon, I got a text message from Jane inviting me for a walk/food trip to de-stress. Since I’ve been inching to go to Cubao Expo and have a look at the bookstore which I’d also dreamed of during one of my afternoon naps, I immediately replied yes and suggested we go to Cubao.

Libreria Bookstore didn’t fail my expectation when it comes to the inducing that homey feeling. The first thing I noticed when I came inside was the sofa which was so prominent in the pictures I saw online. I’m not really sure if the books were arranged categorically but I loved how they were arranged–like on a casual, relaxed manner. The store also sells coffee for only Php50 per cup. Haplessly, we didn’t try the coffee since we were planning to eat somewhere  after that Libreria adventure. But we did try their homemade butterscotch which actually tasted good.

The place is actually small like you can see and count all the people coming in and inside the bookstore. I just didn’t find it comfy enough to read a book while the owner was there manning the store–or perhaps it was because it’s just the first time I went there and I need some warming up to do pa. But the owner was nice enough to answer our questions and allow as to take pictures. She even thanked us for asking permission to take pictures because according to her, there were people who would just click their cameras without even asking her consent.

I would definitely go back to Libreria. I think it’s best to go there on a Saturday and spend an afternoon reading books while sipping cups (yes cups!) of coffee. Para kahit hindi man ako bumili ng libro, kumita man lang sila sa akin sa kape:-)

my good friend Jane with the Libreria guestbook:-)

There's still another couch which I like but I don't have a nice photo of that:-(

Libreria is located at:

Unit 64-D Cubao Expo, Gen. Romulo Avenue, Araneta Cubao, Quezon City

Operating hours:

Mon-Wed – 3pm to 8pm

Thurs-Sat – 3pm to 10pm


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