Because I Don’t Wanna Write Today…

Today, I don’t feel like writing
I just don’t feel like pouring my heart out on a white screen
I don’t feel like airing out my thoughts to the world
But I’ve got lots of things I want to say today
I do
I want to tell the world that I am not quite feeling good today
That a part of me longs for something or someone I don’t know exactly what or who
That I just want to go to some far away place where there are green fields
so I could just delight on the prolific gifts of God
I want to bask in the calmness and serenity of that place
Like as if worries of life had long left this world
I want to travel and chance upon some crossroads along the way
Hoping those crossroads could put me back in time when life was carefree and blissful
I want to tell the world that I want to dance in the rain
Dance like no one’s watching
Perhaps dancing could liberate me from this emotion
I just want to dance to the joy of freedom and happiness and love
I want to dance so I could swing away all the grudges, bitterness, pain in my heart
I want to tell the world that hitting 30 in a year or two is quite freaking me out
I mean, 30 is a good age but I just don’t wanna go to that stage yet
I wish I could just stop time and be 28 forever

I want to tell the world that I think I could be categorized as a wallflower
I’ve had those days when I felt like not confident enough to introduce myself to people
Those days when I don’t feel I’m on my best
That I just want to sulk in my room and maybe read some feel-good books
Hoping that could lift my mood up
I’ve had those days when not even a nice movie could make me feel lighter
And maybe, today is just one of those days
But I don’t really wanna write this moment
I mean, I’m not really in the mood
Oh well, I think I’ll just sleep all these thoughts off


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