Usapang Bata # 47-49

I’ll let you in on what’s happening on a usual day inside Escuela Legarda:

Usapang Bata # 47

While working with Dylan:

Me: Dylan, you write properly, please.
Dylan: Okay! Okay!

*but he was still too lazy to write properly

Me: Dylan, please!

*I covered my face with my hands so Dylan thought I was crying*

Dylan: Oh no! Sorry Teacher Apple. Okay I will write now. (in a Harry potter tone)

Dylan the sweetest boy:-)

Usapang Bata # 48

Dylan brought his Thomas Train coloring book in school. Since all kids love anything new, they were like bees buzzing around Dylan the flower. After a while, they already stopped since the teachers asked them to. But one kid was so persistent and just pretended to leave Dylan behind, but actually, he was just a few baby steps away from Dylan:

Me: Dylan, you want to color your Thomas?
Dylan: Oh yes sure Teacher Apple
Seth: (his most awaited time) Okay! I’ll help him!

Ay sandali? Tinawag kita Seth? 🙂

Seth-y boy:-)

Usapang Bata # 49

I was absent for three days in school due to fever. When i came back, it was as if the kids didn’t see me for a year that they were so happy to see me again:

Jazz: Di ba Teacher Apple kaya ka nag-sick kasi si Nigel cry ng cry sa school?
Me: Ha?
Jazz to Nigel: Wag ka na kasi mag-cry para hindi na mag-sick si Teacher Apple


Jazz the Boy Wonder:-)


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