Of Fireworks and Memories

Dear Fireworks

I’ve always loved your sparkling glow in the night sky

You never fail to brighten a gloomy night

Or even make an already lovely night into a more remarkable one

Red, blue, green, even orange, yellow and purple

Your twirling, shooting and spinning colors

Enchant me and take me back to that splendid 21st of December

When happy ending was the main anchor of the hearts in love

When death was nothing but a distant thing of an unforeseen future

I was never captivated with you the way I did that charming night

Years passed

Your sparkling glow still stirs the happy part of me

The hearts might have failed to uncover the ‘happy ending’

But your blossoming colors in the sky

Like popcorns dancing on a tree

Splitting into thousands of pieces

Will always awaken the memory

of that love a careful heart once embraced

Thank you for painting the night sky with happy colors tonight



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