Love In A Roll of Mocha Cake

What if in the middle of a conversation with your friends, Jesus will show up and give you a roll of mocha cake for you to share with your friends? How will you react?

This afternoon during our Victory group discussion, Jesus didn’t actually show up right in front of us (if He did, we would literally be terrified), but He did make His presence felt and He even gave us a surprise that completely overwhelmed us.

In the middle of our discussion, a waiter approached us and handed us a roll of mocha cake. We were stunned because no one from our group ordered a cake. So we told the guy that the cake might be for the other table. But the waiter insisted that it’s for us and that the lady seated next to us ordered that cake and asked him to give that to us. When we looked to that table where that ‘lady’ was seated some minutes ago, she was no longer there. And just like that, our hearts were filled with so much gladness, so much awe. Jesus just showed Himself to us through that lady who gave us that cake. Imagine, a surprise from Him in the middle of our talks about Him? That is just soooo awesome!

We don’t know what came upon that lady and what prompted her to give us a cake but we know in our hearts that Jesus used her as way for us to experience His blessing and His love. We were guessing she might have heard us talking and perhaps, just maybe, she was blessed with the discussion that she decided to indirectly give us a simple token of appreciation.


The paramount point of this was that Jesus can use YOU AND ME to make His presence felt in the most simple and even surprising way you could imagine. Think of that time in your life when you were undergoing a struggle; you’re feeling so down and out. Then suddenly, out of nowhere a company truck passed by and a certain word or words written on the door of that truck struck you, like a pat on your back or stroke of fingers on your hair. Then you came to realize that that truck’s passing was not a coincidence or any usual thing–it was Jesus talking to you about your present situation. He made use of that truck or that truck’s driver to make you feel His presence to comfort you. (You can think of other story or example other than the truck, by the way☺)

This amazing ‘cake’ story that just happened made me realize more that Jesus is never really a distant God, that He is not just ‘someone’ from way up there. Jesus is indeed a personal God. He doesn’t mind going out of His way just to make us feel His love and His presence in His most personal way. We just have to open our hearts to Him so He could come in and do much more amazing things in our lives.

Moreover, let’s not only ask for blessings but more so, pray to be a blessing to other people as well. In our everyday thing, don’t just be excited for the blessings but be more than excited as to how God will use you today to be a channel of His blessing to other people.

To that lady who gave us that roll of mocha cake, please know that that was the tastiest and sweetest mocha cake we’ve ever had in our life:-) There was love in that cake:-) We prayed for you and we hope that we could see you again soon:-)


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