Nine Years. Now I Am Ready For The Spring Season.

The longest storm is finally over. The winter season of my life has already bid adieu. Checking my heart…
Is pain still nestling here? Gladly, the grief, which for a long time resided in my heart, finally packed its bag and left, living my heart more room now to be happy, to share happiness, to love and share that love, and to be hopeful for brighter days.

Today, I am celebrating nine years of wonderful love that goes beyond death.

I am remembering that very special day when true love took notice of me and knocked into my door.

And still today, I am also letting go of that love. I am finally moving on.

Nine years and I hope to stop counting and start creating memories with whom Father God has specially reserved me for.

What I used to think as beyond the bounds of possibility has now come to pass.

I am now ready to welcome the new season in my life.

I can only thank the Father for all these.

I thank Him for the pain for it made me understand His essence in my life and find refuge in Him alone.

I thank Him for walking beside me through all those days of grief and melancholy.

And I thank Him for blessing me with a heart that’s now hopeful for the coming spring season.

To the love that I once cherished deeply in my heart, rest assured that you will never be forgotten.

Death tried to separate us but it failed to take away the very essence of you in my life.

Wherever life takes me and whatever new adventures this new season will bring, I will never forget that once in my life, there was  a wonderful ‘you,’ a beautiful surprise that happened to me.

In the sea of matchless blessings, in the city where walls are precious jewels and streets are pure gold, in the place where there’s exceeding joy and treasures, I will meet you there. In God’s time, we will be reunited again.

Goodbye winter. Hello my beloved spring☺


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