The Two Years That Need Not Be Celebrated.

Two years.

If only I’d woke you up that morning before I get off to work and planted a kiss on your cheek like I used to, then I should have seen your last look on me.

If only I’d picked up that phone on the first ring, then I should have been there with you, standing by your bedside while you were fighting for life.

Memories are still fresh and there are still a lot of  ‘if onlys’ and ‘should have beens’

But no. There’s no way the hands of time could be turned back to allow me to do what I should have done.

Melancholy need not step in and accompany us any longer. We know you’re in a very, very happy place now.

Death did separate us. Physically. But it failed to come between the depths of our relationship.

It just simply aided in bringing you HOME to where The Father is waiting for you to heal you of all the pains you’ve been through.

One day, we will be going back to that HOME, too, and we will have the grandest family reunion there.

We love you and you will never lose your permanent residence in our hearts. 

Until we meet again.


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