This Is Not Work. This Is A GIFT.

If there’s one thing I don’t think I can get used to now that I’m already a preschool teacher, it’s that emotional and melodramatic feeling during Moving Up Day. I am a self-confessed drama queen when it comes to goodbyes.

This year’s Moving Up Day was even more emotional for me. I didn’t only bid goodbye to the kids who are moving on to big school, but I also bid goodbye to everyone else at Escuela Legarda–the babies, the teachers, the helper, the parents. The last day of school was also my last day at EL. I am moving on to another school–a decision which was more than difficult to make, but I believe this is for the completion of my dreams and plans.

I didn’t actually cry during the Moving Up Day. I was too busy running around and fixing the kids’ costumes that I didn’t have much time to emote and cry. It was the day after MUD that I cried real hard while browsing the photos of the kids in the school’s page. I’m missing them terribly. Each and everyone of them. Each of them left a remarkable mark in my heart.

I’m missing all the kakulitans, the running to and fro inside the classroom, the young bullies, the shocked looks whenever I call them to work, the funny questions, the resident face the wall kid, the excited looks and smiles, their silly fights over toys, the almost everyday poo-poo-ing in school, the “oh Teacher Apple, I burst out some gas” notice, the chaotic birthday parties, the lining up by the wall to wash hands and always there are kids who just want to get ahead.

I’m missing their tiny little hands which I love to hold and lock with mine. I’m missing their sweet smiles and greetings whenever they open the door and walks inside the room. I miss seeing how they pack away the toys, their bags, etc. I miss seeing how they try to put on their socks and shoes independently. I’m missing the sweetest hugs and kisses I could get every time they’re on the mood to give some loving:-)

These kids were my comfort pill. They never fail to put me in a good mood. They’re definitely my Little Mr. and Ms. Sunshines:-) My students thought me how to appreciate life in the simplest ways: a genuine smile and a heartfelt laugh.

And yes, I’m missing the parents’ barkada, too:-) Escuela Legarda has a really nice, appreciative, generous, and sweet batch of parents. I love that they’re even super friends with each other and even call their group “the hungry birds.”

I am even more blessed to have my first shot in preschool teaching at Escuela Legarda. I’ve learned a good deal about teaching and discipline in this school. And hey, I even discovered my ‘creative’ side there:-) I will forever be grateful to Teacher Beia for believing that I could do the works and entrusting me with the kids despite my lack of experience and academic knowledge in handling children.   She’s way younger than me but I actually consider her as my mentor when it comes to preschool teaching.

Teaching opened my heart and mind to a lot of wonderful things and possibilities in this world. It made me realize that:

  • Money is never an issue when you love what you’re doing.
  • It is easy to make a child happy.
  • Everything you say to a child will leave a mark in his/her heart and mind
  • Playing and talking is necessary. It is even better if the classroom is noisy because it means the kids are engaging and socializing.
  • Each child has his/her own ways and phases of learning. We should not feel upset when one child learns a little slowly than the other.
  • A child with autism may be different but that doesn’t make him/her less of a person.
  • The teachers are not only the source of knowledge in the classroom. The students are, too.
  • There’s no need to spank a child when he/she’s done something wrong. A sincere and heartfelt talk will do. And ‘face the wall’ as well:-)
  • That you don’t need to be the mommy of a child or a relative to genuinely care for him/her.
  • There are a lot of cookies and biscuits and other possible ‘baons’ for the kids in the market. Mommies just need to be a little creative:-)
  • Be nice and sincere to parents and they will be nice and sincere to you, too. They appreciate even the littlest thing you do for their child.

I might have done something good in my life to deserve a really happy and satisfying job as this. Being a teacher is one of God’s greatest blessings in my life and I’ll forever be grateful for that. I’m blessed that I don’t need to slave myself out to work or keep searching for day to day mood pick-uppers to fight work stress because I definitely love what I’m doing. It doesn’t actually seem like work at all. This is God’s gift that I get to enjoy and earn from:-)

I left Escuela Legarda bringing with me a good bagful of happy memories I will surely keep in my heart forever:-)  Thank you for the wonderful, fun-filled two years of my life:-)

Photo credits: Teacher Che, Daddy Nemi, and I Love Pix photobooth:-)


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