No more monster in the mirror, please!

Who do you see looking at you when you look at the mirror?

As for me, right now I’m seeing a monster.

I feel like I’m being a monster to the people around me for the last few days. My temper’s mostly on a high and I seemed to forget how to speak softly.

I’m having negative emotions and they all seemed to mix with each other to create a monster in me.

I am so not liking this. I know I should fight these emotions and these thoughts.

I know that this is not the kind of person that God wants me to be.

The enemy kept feeding me with lies. I’m trying as much to block their way but seemed like my mind and heart has some tiny holes that are still not fixed that’s why the whispers of the enemy successfully barged in.

I know I can’t end this on my own. I need the grace of God to completely liberate myself from these emotions and lies.

Dear Lord, I know You are watching me type these words this very moment. Please deliver me from these emotions and take away the monster in me and restore in me a new spirit of unconditional love and unwavering patience. Give me a new heart that’s more trusting in Your ways and will not be easily frustrated when I am not seeing yet the fulfillment of your promises. Please Lord. I want to just be all Yours without reservations. I don’t want to see the monster in the mirror anymore.




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