Of Reckless Abandonment and Breaking My Alabaster Box

“God is setting you up in a place where you can be used by Him.”

It’s been 8 months now since I did what you may call a “reckless abandonment.”

I left the comforts and the happiness of one school and exchanged it with the present hodge-podge of sacrifices, fulfillment, and happiness of the present school where I am working.

It may seemed like I haven’t moved on yet with the happy memories of the former school because they are still part of my happy thoughts–the people and events I like to think of when I’m feeling down.

I, however, believe that it is with the present school that my faith is being geared up to another level and my maturity towards my career life is being developed.

I’d say the act of leaving the former school to be with this new school is a reckless abandonment on my part since I made a critical decision to turn my back on the little angles I sincerely love and who’d been my babies since I started teaching, and all the comforts of that school–the good pay, the facilities, the security.

Just like what the Bible character Ruth did during her time, she decided to leave her people, her country, and even her gods to follow the Lord wherever He would lead her.

 I broke my alabaster box before Jesus Christ and I received His     assignment for me. I am still in the process, though, of making myself comfortable in this new field that God has called me to plow since there are really a lot of  things I need to forego and difficulties I need to experience for this. But that faith and hope that its is God who has called me to do this and I know that He is the one who’s going to bless me on this is what’s keeping me steadfast on this mission.

As what Pastor Nixon said last Sunday during the preaching, most people do what God calls them to do and go where He leads them, but it’s the STAYING that’s quite challenging. In my experience, it is during the times when I feel inefficient as a teacher, when the school has bills to pay but the parents haven’t paid the monthly tuition yet, when I’m feeling inferior with other preschools in our area–that I feel like staying to this place where God has called me is very difficult. But time and time again every time I feel like giving up,  there is that small voice of God that’s telling me to hold on for better things have yet to come. I just have to believe and hold on to His sovereignty and release all my worries to Him.

Before this opportunity to spearhead a preschool was offered to me, I kept asking God to use me to share His message to other people and spread the Word. Perhaps the very reason why I am in this present school now is because God already answered my prayer. He is now using me.

He is using me to let the little angels in our school get to know who Jesus is and make Him the superhero of their young hearts. That’s one thing I wasn’t able to really completely do when I was with the former school. Since I am now in-charge of the school’s curriculum, I could always integrate the teachings of Jesus Christ in our daily activities and speak more about Him during our circle time:-)

And yes, I am smiling while I am weaving these words together. I know that despite the difficulties I am experiencing with this new school, God is with me and He is never going to forsake me. Just like Ruth, I chose to forsake the familiar and the comfortable because I am believing God’s best for my life. This decision may be costly but I just know that in His appointed time, I am going to reap the good harvest of this decision.

This difficult season will just be another powerful testimony in the future.

*inspired to write because of the book: Lady in Waiting by Debbie Jones and Jackie Kendall and last Sunday’s preaching on the UNLIMITED series at VCF-Malate 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Of Reckless Abandonment and Breaking My Alabaster Box

  1. i dont know if anyone will respond. but i dont know what god wants me to do. i was in nursing school and doing well but unfortunatley i had to take a leave of absence because of personal and finacial reasons. i had 5 terms left in my program. each term is 5 weeks so i have about 6 months or so left.

  2. When people are experiencing major traumas or events in life and find that drugs or alcohol only result in their shutting down the processing of the event, they often pass through a period where they feel compelled to take their clothes off. It’s as if the shedding of clothes represents the shedding of the problems of the world. Many naturists talk about the feeling of leaving the world behind them once they have removed their clothes and mingled with other people similarly naked.

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