Post-Lee Min Ho “kaaningan” thoughts

I got extra giddy. I screamed at the top of my lungs. I hoarded posters being distributed at the entrance. I jumped for much joy and excitement.

I became a super fan again tonight.

I’m known to my friends as a great fanatic — tipong walang papalampasing opportunity basta makita lang ang kinaadikan for the moment. The first time I became a super fan to a foreign celebrity was during the Moffats days. I was just in highschool then and yes, I did go to their mall tour just to see them ( at hindi ko talaga pinalagpas yun!). Second was when Bone Thugs and Harmony had a mini- concert in Manila. The third time was when Kim Hyun Jung (Jihoo) visited Manila for Faceshop ( where I even had the chance to shook hands with him).

And tonight, I didn’t care even if I’m already way past that teeny-bopper stage. I put forth all my energy and excitement and screamed louder hoping my voice would come out on top of that thick crowd.

All for the love of my super crush Lee Min Ho.

I’ve waited for this for a looong time. I even went to Macau since that’s the closest I could get to have a feel of that JunPyo-Jandi moment (masyado pang maharlika ang Korea). I could still remember the different kind of kilig that I felt when I stepped inside The Venetian. I felt like one with Jun Pyo that time since I was walking on the floor where he walked on during the Boys Over Flower shoot.

I never really thought this day would come that I would ever see him live—like everything that happened a while ago at the Smart- Araneta Colisuem were just pigments of my JunPyo fantasy or some scenes from a Youtube video of LeeMinHo I always love to watch.

But everything was for real! The JunPyo of my life was really there on stage hours ago while I was one of the screaming and crazy ladies from the audience.

I think I like him even more now. I like that I could feel his sincerity when he showed concern for the safety of the crowd when he saw them pushing each other. I liked that he was very game during the show and that he even suggested additional “pampakilig” skits to the original flow of the program. I liked that he did eat adobo when he told the crowd that he will eat tonight what they would suggest as the best Filipino food. I like that he even proposed a group pic with the entire audience ( as if that’s possible but whatever!).

Most of all, I like that he’s truly cute (lahat ng angulo gwapo!) and that he really made me super happy tonight. It was a different feeling seeing him do that lip-biting and sudden wink thing live!

Nevertheless, in the middle of the screams and shouts and the craziness of the crowd when Lee Min Ho came out on stage, this thought just struck me:

If this mere mortal who just happened to be super handsome, could already make that entire crowd scream and shout for joy, what more would we feel when Jesus Christ would show Himself there?

In all honesty, i was screaming for LeeMinHo that time but I was also imagining that scene where Jesus Christ’s the one walking in from that sliding electronic backdrop. I seriously think that would be a million or even trillion times more wonderful! That would be screaming eeeeeehhh to the heaventh level!

Oh well, I think I’m already showing progress when it comes to mastering the art of guarding my heart:-)

I might like Lee Min Ho that much but Jesus Christ will always be the one and only Superstar of my heart:-)

By the way, while I’m writing down these thoughts from my head, I’m listening to Boys Over Flowers and Personal Taste’s soundtrack and I’m also thinking of doing another round of BOF marathon later:-) Hello totally-hooked-on-LeeMinHo-me!






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