The Thankful Thirty Project.

First day of March 2013. The countdown to turning 30 starts today.

Some 18 months ago, when I was still 28, I came across this blog entitled “The 30 Before 30 Project.” It’s about a 20-something lady who made a list of 30 things she would like to accomplish, do or experience before she turns 30. By the time she celebrated her 30th birthday, she victoriously blogged about how she was able to accomplish all those things in her 30 Before 30 project.

I would love to do the same thing but that would just be parroting what’s already been done and published. Plus, one of my older cousins told me it might just stress me out if I wouldn’t be able to accomplish all that 30 items in the list. He said that the best way to prepare for your new season of being 30 is to just welcome it with open arms, celebrate and enjoy it.

An advice I was a bit crabby at first but I eventually concurred to.

Nevertheless, I would still want to celebrate my 30th year of existence a little different. Turning 30 is one milestone in my life that I’m both dreading and feeling excited of. It was way different when I turned 20. I don’t exactly know why. Perhaps you’ll just feel it when you turn 29, when being 30 is only 12 months away. Imagine the feeling when you’re only a few sleeps away from hitting the big 3-0.

I actually have plans for my 30th birthday. No I’m not going to throw a birthday bash for myself since I’m no fan of hosting or preparing for my own party. Instead, I’m planning on celebrating my birthday alone in one of the happiest places on earth for me–Baguio. I’m actually used to doing things alone like eating, watching movies in a movie house or even shopping but travelling alone is one thing I’ve yet to do. Thus, I decided to travel to Baguio alone on the eve of my birthday and I will be spending the entire March 13 walking along the streets of Baguio, eating, watching people, doing quiet time, writing in my journal, and perhaps taking pictures. Nope, this is not an emo kind of thing. I won’t be there to feel emotional or feel alone. I will be there to celebrate my life.

Since I couldn’t come up with the top 30 things i want to do before I hit 30, I decided to just make a list 30 of things I’m thankful for in the 30 years of my existence. And I’m calling it THE THANKFUL THIRTY PROJECT.

It was only last Tuesday night, while walking along UP Sunken Garden after my class in EDRE 146, when I thought of this thing. Since March is my birth month, I decided to write about one thing that I’m thankful for in my life for each day for the entire month. March has 31 days and I’m only turning 30 so I guess I’d have think of what to do or write about on March 31 in the coming days as this project progresses.

I know not all people who turned were very OC about being 30. Maybe it’s just me. Or maybe not. Whatever. I just want to have something to look back to in the coming years and say to myself that “hey, that was something I did when I hit 30!”

Alright. March 1’s about to end so I better get going. The Thankful Thirty Project officially starts today!



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