“Buti na lang” Moments

I’m sure you’ve already experienced this “buti na lang” moment at one point in your life, or perhaps even countless times already. These are moments when you’ve been praying to God for something or someone. You’re crying out to Him for that earnest desire in your heart that you so wanted to have. But after all the prayers and tears you shed, there seemed to be no answer from Him. And there you are, sitting inside your room, cuddling your pillow, tears falling down from your eyes, and your heart wants to scream: WHERE WAS GOD WHEN I NEEDED HIM THE MOST!???

Fast forward to say few days, months, or even years after that tearjerking, dire moment. You’re now in a happy state. And then you look back to that moment when you’ve been praying to God for that something or someone which He didn’t give you and you can only utter: “buti na lang Lord hindi mo ako pinagbigyan nun, eh di sana hindi ako super happy ngayon with what I have.”

Remember that popular adage that says God answers our prayers in 3 ways: Yes, No, I have something better in mind? I believe we could truly draw context from that. Admit it, it’s not always a bed of roses in our walk with God. Dark, gloomy days are inevitable just as we are also assured and certain of bright, blissful days with Him. There are times when you feel that God is very near to you and blessings are really overflowing. There are, however, moments when you can’t help but question if God could really hear your prayers.

But then again, the Bible assures us that God is a personal God and He delights in giving us the best of everything. If He seemed to be silent with your heart’s plea, it’s probably because what you’ve been praying for isn’t exactly what God thinks is the best for you that is why He is not blessing you with that.

I had my share of that ‘buti na lang” moments, too.  When I was a freshie in highschool, I had this huge crush on this cute sophomore guy. I super liked him that even if his building was way far from mine, I would ask my friend to accompany me during dismissal time to go to their building just to see him before he goes home. Or if ever I would see him outside and I’m already going home, I would wait for him at the jeepney stop and since I live just a few blocks away from his house, I would always ride on that jeep where he’s riding just so I could enjoy the view going home. I sooo liked this guy that I always pray to God for him to notice me and reciprocate the feelings I have for him. When he graduated in highschool, I was crying hard and I even sneaked into the venue of his graduation ceremony because I want to see him for the last time. I was so crazyily infatuated with him then that I mistook that crying about him and longing for him for love. If there’s such a thing as ultimate crush, he’s definitely the one for me. I spent my highschool life and a good part of my college years wishing only for him to be my boyfriend. It was only when I met my boyfriend during my junior year in college when that feelings for him started to subside, although I still think of him every once in a while and still wish to bump into him.

Few years ago, I learned from a friend that he already has a child and that he’s separated from his wife (I’m not even sure if they’re married). I heard that he’s a womanizer and that he doesn’t even have a job to support his own family.

So what could have I uttered after hearing that news about him? Buti na lang talaga hindi ako pinagbigyan ni God dati. Eh di sana hiwalay na ako sa asawang babaero ngayon! (the latter’s assuming he will have no choice but give in to my pagpapa-cute towards him.)

I am just as thankful now that God didn’t answer my prayer back then. I could have not met the first guy who touched my life in a very special and remarkable way. I could have not experience the kind of life I’m living right now. My life story might be way different and my surrending of life to Jesus Christ would have taken longer than it’s supposed to be.

Another “buti na lang” moment I had was about my career. Back then, I sooo wanted to work for this particular posh publication. When I was in college, I’ve always dreamed of seeing my name in the editorial box of any of the lifestyle magazines of that publication. Everytime I see an opening in their company, I would always send in my resume even if I already have a job then. But I never got the chance to work in that company. I didn’t even see my byline in any of their titles, except for that time when my article about my mom won in one of their contests.

I used to think that maybe, I was not really good enough for that company; that perhaps my writing was crap compared to their pool of writers. I was slowly losing my faith in my writing prowess then.

And then the desire to become a preschool teacher suddenly blossomed in my heart. Because I was so engrossed and enthusiastic about my new-found profession that the dream to work for that posh publication seemed just a light years away now.

Now I understand why God didn’t allow me to work in that publication. He has a different plan for my life and He wants to use me in that plan rather than just be the on-looker on my life. God designed me for greatness and He wants me to carry out that greatness through touching the lives of little children. Furthermore, I also realized that if my dream to work in that publication came true then, I wouldn’t have the luxury of time to commit in the ministries in our church because I will be too tied up with my job, given the endless deadlines and pressures.

Indeed, everything that happens in life has a very essential reason and purpose. We may not understand it while we are still playing our part in that situation, but once we’re done with that scene and we look back, God never fails to make us understand why. It may take days, months, or even years for that realization to occur but rest assured that when you experience that “buti na lang” and “kaya pala” moments, your heart will just be filled with gratefulness to God for letting things happen the way He plans it.

When things aren’t going our way, it maybe that God has a different plan for our life and we only have to put our trust in His divine power because He never fails.

This is also a reminder to myself. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. It may be too small sometimes that we fail to notice it, but rest assured that it’s there. Sometimes, our worries are clouding the hope we have in our heart but no matter what, never let go of that hope because that hope is God’s way of telling you to hold on for He is working behind the scenes and beyond what you can imagine.

Philippians 4:6-7  Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


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