Observation at UPIS Grade 3 – Talon (A Reflection Note)

After observing one of the kindergarten classes in University of the Philippines Intergrated School (UPIS) last December 5, Teacher Maita also gave us the opportunity to experience observing the Grade 3 class of Teacher Cham Rosales in UPIS.

When I walked inside the classroom of Grade 3 – Talon, the children were already seated and Teacher Cham was already throwing questions at them about the story The Courage of Sarah Noble by Alice Dalgliesh. We weren’t able to observe the pre-reading and during reading activities anymore since I believe the class have read the story a day or few days before our observation date. However, basing on how the students were giddy in answering the teacher’s questions, I believe that they did enjoy the story.

After the questions, Teacher Cham asked the students to divide into their pre-assigned groups for the post-reading activity part. There were 6 groups in the class so the teacher prepared 6 activities– 1 for each group. The activities include arranging the events in sequence and rating the emotions presented in each event, describing Sarah and the Indians using a Venn diagram, differentiating a house from a home through illustrations and giving definitions to it, a skit on how they will welcome the visitors if they’re Sarah, listing down what they will do in their free time if they’re Sarah and her friends, and a situational analysis.

While observing the students doing their assigned activities, I noticed that in most groups, the girls were the one acting as leaders. I think only 1 or 2 groups had a boy as a leader. I, however, must commend the students for really being focused in doing their activities and all of them were really participating and giving inputs. I also have to mention that I was in awe when during the presentation of their works, I never once saw a boy who was called and hesitant to go in front and explain his group’s work. I don’t know but during that time, I thought to myself that even little boys like them could really rise up and be in the lead if they’re given the opportunity to be responsible to. Maybe I was just used to growing up with boys who were always afraid to speak in front and who would always push the girls to lead the group instead of them that when I saw the young men leaders of Teacher Cham’s class, I was really amazed that time could really change the trend with boys in class.

I believe that the class enjoyed and really understood the story of the The Courage of Sarah Noble because all the questions that Teacher Cham asked, they could answer clearly and expressively. They could even reiterate what happened to the story and give their opinions on what they will do if they’re in Sarah’s shoes. I like how Teacher Cham’s questions could help make them think through the story and process it. Moreover, Even the activities she prepared encouraged the students to think creatively, analytically and logically for them to answer it.

When I decided that I wanted to become a teacher, I never really considered teaching elementary students. I only like teaching preschoolers. However, after the observation in Teacher Cham’s class, I was inspired and encouraged to try teaching Grades 2-3 also because I liked it that they could already answer the teacher’s questions with much thought.


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