The Cup of Goodness at Roots and Herbs

Just how adventurous can you get to have a unique coffee experience?

I am a certified coffee lover. I could gulp down 5-6 coffee cups for a day, especially if I have to stretch my working hours to beat a deadline. But I must admit, though, I’m not too adventurous when it comes to trying uncommon coffee flavors. A visit, however, to this latest coffee craze along Leon Guinto Street in Taft, Manila — Roots and Herbs — gave me an exciting and healthy coffee-tasting experience.

Roots and Herbs in Taft has been on my radar for some time now since I’ve been hearing about it from my sister and even from some friends from the church. I’ve been wanting to try the coffee here but I was told it’s always full. Good thing that after a dinner with church friends, Ate Helen randomly invited us to try Roots and Herbs.

Located at the second floor of Bellagio Residence in Leon Guinto Street, Roots and Herbs gives off that warm and friendly aura wherein you can feel like you’re buddy-buddy with everyone there. The place is not that big — actually it only has 3 tables inside for maybe 8-10 pax and an al fresco area for bigger groups.  You can see books on display at the book shelf near the counter which I believe customers can read, too, while enjoying their coffee. This Roots and Herbs branch may not have a big space as compared to your usual coffee shops but I’d say that adds up to the charm of the place — that intimate feeling, like you can exchange small talks with the people sitting at the nearby table and be friends with them eventually.

And now the coffee…

Because I was feeling extra-adventurous that night, I tried the Iced Malunggay Coffee. Why adventurous? Because I never liked Malunggay and I don’t really have a passionate relationship with vegetables for that matter. But I did try eating Malunggay pandesal before and I found it good so I assumed the malunggay coffee wouldn’t be that much of an odd-lot in taste.

First sip. In all honesty, I was surprised that there was not even a hint of herb taste in my Iced Malunggay Coffee. It’s just like drinking coffee with a swish of chocolate. And it tasted surprisingly good! It has that creamy, rich taste with just the right amount of sweetness.

Iced Malunggay Coffee (P78.00)

Iced Malunggay Coffee (P78.00)

My friends had Malunggay Coffee Frappe, which again, didn’t taste “herb-ic” (if there’s such a word) at all. I had a sip of this and I say it tasted like ice-blended Magnolia Chocolate Drink with a hint of coffee.

Malunggay Coffee Frappe  (P88.00)

Malunggay Coffee Frappe (P88.00)

I’m actually thrilled to try the Butterscotch Frappe next time I visit since my sister’s been raving about it.

And the Malunggay Biscocho Creamy Butter Flavor (reduced sugar version) is enticingly good, too! We also had the Butter Garlic Flavor (No-Sugar-Added version) but I like the Creamy Butter flavor more 😉


Indeed, it was a malunggay-filled night! What’s nice about Roots and Herbs is that the prices of their coffee are pocket-friendly. Well actually, not only the coffee but the rest in their menu since their Pandesandwich is just P48.00 and the Gourmet Sandwich is just around P90-150.00 per order. I’d say this is a nice go-to-place if you want to have a gourmet coffee fix with friends while munching on some pande-goodies in between sips and chatters. And a superb bonus to this craze is that there’s health benefits in every malunggay coffee cup you drink since malunggay is known for its anti-oxidant features.

And yes, it was a happy night well spent with good friends which made this whole malunggay coffee experience even more remarkable 😉

Fun time with good friends! :D

Fun time with good friends! 😀

Roots and Herbs (Leon Guinto branch)

2450 2/F Bellagio Residence 

Leon Guinto Street, Malate

Contact detail: 0923 503 9382

Opening hours:    1:00 pm – 12:00 am Monday to Saturday (closed on Sunday)


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