EDR 110 – Demo Teaching in Grade 3- Talon (UPIS)

The last three weeks were one of the most hectic days in my EDR 110 class with Teacher Maita. We were tasked to prepare our lesson plan for our class demo teaching in our respective year level and section. We had to meet Teacher Cham Cordero of Grade 3 – Talon in UPIS to ask her permission for us to conduct a demo teaching in her class. After the schedule was set and we got from her the theme for the particular period we’ll do the demo teaching, we then get down to business. We searched for a story according to the theme which is about heroes. We presented the three books we chose to Teacher Maita and she was the one who advised us the best story to use for our demo teaching. The story’s entitled “Looking Out for Heroes.” We then presented advised Teacher Cham about the story we chose and then proceeded to the preparation of the lesson plan. I’d say it was the most difficult part of all.

I’ve never done a lesson plan before since in the school where I taught, teachers were never asked to prepare a lesson plan. It’s a progressive school so we just had a curriculum planning before the school year starts and that’s what we’ll follow for the rest of they year. It’s individualized teaching so teachers were expected to just gauge the lesson according to the pace and phases of the students. So basically, doing a lesson plan was really a new thing for me.

The formulation of the objectives alone was already difficult enough. But as we try to fill out the rest of the items in the template, I realized that the objectives part was in fact, the easiest of all. We had our first draft submitted to Teacher Maita,which of course got a lot of revisions. It was difficult for me to formulate a lesson plan during the first trial because I didn’t really know how the flow must be like. But when Teacher Maita advised us about it and explained to us how the discussion flows, it got clearer to me already–although I could say doing the plan is still not that easy.

We had revisions in our lesson plan up to the last minute of our demo teaching. We had to change some activities in the post-reading part as well as do necessary changes in our Skills Development Lesson Plan.

Days before our micro teaching, I was really feeling agitated. I’m nervous and tensed at the same time. I think I experienced more tension during the micro teaching than the actual demo teaching. Maybe because I’m feeling a bit off with the micro teaching since I will be conducting the presentation to my classmates who are almost the same age as mine as opposed to the little ones whom I will be conducting the demo teaching with. I have to admit that I felt even more relaxed doing the actual demo teaching with the Grade 3- Talon students than when I did it in front of my classmates. I’d like to think that maybe because I am already used to teaching young students that’s why I was more relaxed with them. Plus, the Grade – 3 Talon students were behaved and manageable enough and they were very participative to our discussion.

One of the things I will not forget about this micro-teaching and demo teaching experience was when Teacher Maita called the attention of our group regarding turning on excellent outputs and even visual materials for our demo teaching. I must admit that our group was really having a hard time doing the project as a team. There was conflict in schedules and other reasons that manifested during our micro teaching for the Skills Development part. It was kind of embarrassing but I’d say that was our group’s wake up call. If not for Teacher Maita’s clear observation of our group’s works, we wouldn’t be vigilant in aiming for excellence. I believe that was God’s way for us to realize our faults and make us understand that we have to aim for excellence in everything that we do–that we have to give our best shot always and not just a percentage of it.

After that second micro-teaching, our group started working together as a team. We met days before the demo teaching and prepared for our materials as one group. And I believe that was worth it because I believe we have improved on our materials and the way we presented our topic and did the discussion. We still have many lapses, yes, but I’d say that as compared to the previous outputs that we had, our group had already improved. There was no blaming on who lacked on this or that or who didn’t bring in much effort. We talked about our mistake and decided as a team on what we’ll do to do better next time.

The whole demo teaching experience was a mixture of happy and nerve-wracking adventure. I could say we’re blessed that we were assigned to do the demo teaching to Grade 3- Talon students because the class were behaved enough and they were easier to manage. There were some down times especially during the Skills Development discussion part when some of the students looked bored listening to us already but still, I believe everything went well. We just have some issue with time since we weren’t able to conduct the enrichment activities with the students because of the lack of time and we had to rush the Skills Development discussion a bit just to keep up with our schedule.

Despite of the occasional lack of sleep experience and the almost everyday going to UP, I’d say the whole demo teaching and lesson plan making experience were worth it. I’d learned a lot from this experience and I’m sure that whatever learning I got from it, I am surely going to use it in the future as I embark fully on the teaching journey. I am thankful that I got to experience demo teaching on my last semester in UP as a CPE student. And yes, despite of some adversities along the way, I could say I’d enjoyed the experience 😉


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