Class Observation and Demo Teaching at ICLIP

My EDR 110 class under Teacher Maita Salvador, I could say, was one of the most extensive subjects I’ve had in UP-Diliman for my education certificate course. In all 6 subjects I’ve had, it was only in this class that I got to go out and experience community teaching, which was somehow a new experience for me.

Roughly three weeks ago, our class had the chance to visit ICLIP (Interactive Children’s Literacy Program) in Loyola Heights in Katipunan. Teacher Julie of ICLIP patiently and enthusiastically walked us through the history of the center, its mission and vision, and the various programs they’re doing for the less fortunate children of Baranggay Loyola Heights. While Teacher Julie was explaining ICLIP to us, something inside of me wanted to propose their kind of program to our baranggay chairman and perhaps to the mayor of Manila. I would say ICLIP’s program is really a good method to lessen and hopefully eradicate the problem with street children.

Three days after the orientation in ICLIP, we had a community visit to the places where the students of ICLIP  reside. It was somehow a surprise for me because I didn’t know that amidst the high profile city life in that stretch of Katipunan, there’s actually a rural-kind-of community hiding behind the towering buildings and posh universities there. Walking along the dark, narrow path going to the areas where we could see the students’ homes, we didn’t have the chance to be “maarte” and sensitive. We just walked and walked without minding whether we’d already stepped on poop or whatever trash was on the floor.

After the community visit, we had the chance to immediately observe the B-Level class wherein students from UP were also teaching the students as part of their NSTP subject requirements. I took down notes and really paid attention on the flow of the discussion so I will be prepared for the lesson plan and the actual teaching.

I was scheduled to leave for Indonesia on the exact week of the demo teaching so I had to talk to Teacher Maita and asked her permission if our group could do the demo teaching a week ahead. My group mates already agreed on the plan. I was so thankful when Teacher Maita said yes and even Teacher Julie, too. It may mean that we had to work double or maybe triple time in preparing the lesson plan and the materials but I’m blessed with the understanding and cooperation of my group mates. They didn’t mind going the extra mile just to let me pursue with the plan of going to Indonesia. I am really blessed beyond words and I realized why God put me in that group 😉

After that first observation, we went back to ICLIP again for the apprenticeship. We didn’t just observe that time, but we were the ones who taught the student that day. That made the ICLIP actual demo teaching a lot easier since we already know what approach to use to the students.

Surprisingly, we were able to finish the lesson plan way faster than the first time we did with UPIS demo teaching. Perhaps because we’d already somehow grown accustomed to the lesson plan making after UPIS, plus it was written in Filipino.

We had our demo teaching last March 10-11. I’d say the demo teaching went well and a breeze, except for the second day in the Skills Development part since I was late for 7 minutes and I had to rush to the lesson proper. I supposed the children enjoyed the story we read to them, which was entitled Inay! Inay Ko Po! which is about having mothers who are always there for us to catch us when we fall. The students were able to answer the questions well and they seemed to enjoy the activities we’d prepared. As for the Skills Development Part, we introduced to them Sanhi at Bunga (Cause and Effect). It was somehow kind of difficult to explain the subject but after some examples and demonstrations, I believe the students got it.

I appreciate the remarks, comments and suggestions of Teacher Maita after that demo teaching because it actually made us see the things we weren’t able to see or notice while we were teaching in front. It made us yearn to improve on our teaching skills more and even the way we should relate to students of various types.

It was only a 2-3 days stint at ICLIP but I really enjoyed the experience. The students might be a bit difficult to handle as opposed to our first demo teaching class but it was heartwarming when you see their eyes glow when they answered the questions right. There’s innocence and sincerity in how they respond to you. I hope that in my free time, I could visit ICLIP again and maybe volunteer my free time there:)







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