That Saturday When The Sky Rained Yummy Burgers!

I’m a burger fanatic but there’s just the guilt feeling every time I finish a whole burger. Counting calories, yeah that’s it. I love burgers the way I love tocino and hotdogs but my body fats already want to scream NO! Thus, I only give in to my burger cravings every once in a while–not as often as when I was in college when I used to eat burgers almost everyday and thought that eating it meant less calorie-intake as compared to eating rice.

Two Saturdays ago, my friend invited me to try Wham Burgers’ Slider Trio and their Spaghetti Fries, and I had to say YES to my burger appetite. I tagged along my two other friends, Rhona and Cone and I’d say we had the burger-calorie-packed Saturday ever!



Wham Burgers' Slider Trio, P250 (for all three)

Wham Burgers’ Slider Trio, P250 (for all three)

How can you say NO to these awesome goodies??? Burger haven, babe!IMG_6049



It must have really rained yummy burgers that fine Saturday afternoon!

I love that Wham Burgers’ burger patty is really beefy and juicy! I’m no food-blogger so I will just describe it the way it appealed to my palate. I like that the cheesy burger is really cheesy and that even to the last bite of the tomato filling, you will really eat. It was the first time I tried Wham Burgers and I must say that I was kind of surprised that it even tasted way better than the famous American burger franchise I used to frequent when I want my burger fix.

They also served us their latest offering which is the Spaghetti Fries. It has this sweet Filipino-styled spaghetti sauce and some chopped juicy hotdogs. It’s like eating fries and spaghetti in one:) And yes, it’s a tasty twist to your usual spaghetti!



Aside from the yummy burgers and tasty fries, what I like about Wham Burgers is that it’s 100% Filipino brand! Yes, it is!

I only learned it from my friend who happens to be the PR person of Wham Burgers and she told me a brief history of the burger joint. It was started by two good friends, Tony Yap and Dondi Lazaro. It was actually a surprise for me since the packaging of Wham Burgers and even their store’s interior and designs are more Western in style.

This discovery actually added more appeal to me. I am a self-proclaimed patriotic of the Philippines. I love watching Filipino movies and I don’t mind being tagged ‘baduy’ because I love supporting my country’s very own talents. When it comes to restaurants, I would often ask the waiter if the owner is a Filipino or foreigner, and when he/she will say the owner is a Filipino, I would definitely be more delighted to eat in that restaurant. There’s that different kind of pride whenever I see a thriving business and it’s Filipino-owned.

I am just glad that Wham Burgers is a Filipino brand 😉 Now, here’s something worthy to promote 🙂

So the next time you crave for tasty burger, you know where to go, people 😉

Wham Burgers has branches in Katipunan, SM North Edsa (The Block), and SM Mall of Asia.





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