To A Friend I Lost Along The Way


When someone will ask me how you are now, I really don’t know what to say.

Because I don’t really know anything about you at all.

Well, I used to know everything about you.

I used to be the first one you tell every little things that happened to you to

Or the things you want to do

Sadly, that’s not the case anymore.

It was a three-hundred-sixty-degrees turn.

We used to walk the same road

Until we decided that road was already too narrow for us

And we went our separate ways.

The everyday conversations became once or twice a week

Until there was none anymore

I used to be part of the scenes in your life story

And now, I’m just on the outside.

I can’t enter those scenes anymore

Other people already took my once special role in your life

You chose to take a bow and have your final exit in my life’s scenes, as well

And I can’t force you to stay.

Maybe I’m still mad and sad at what happened between us

And it hurts that while I’m still in pain,

You seemed ok about it

You seemed fine without me

I never stopped caring for you, you know

But without you noticing it, you stopped caring for me

You stopped knowing who I was

One day, maybe one day I can accept it also the way you do

I hope one day I can also learn to accept that there’s no more us

And that this friendship has already came to an end.

We’ve already said our goodbye

But I do hope that when you remember me (if ever you will have the time to do that)

You will still smile and remember all our good times and not our sad ending.

I will always pray for your good life.

I will always love you, my once special friend.

Until then…




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