The Person Behind The String of Thoughts

I am a writer who blogs.

I am someone blessed to have found my way back to my Almighty Father at a time when I thought my life’s dramas were becoming too much for me to handle. God lifted me up from that dark pit I used to be in and my life was never the same again. I am so happy and blessed to be enjoying my walk with Him now. I’ll always be grateful of that wonderful friend who introduced me to God again. Believe me, it’s a wonderful, wonderful feeling to get this kind of connection with Him.

I love my family a lot. I feel so blessed that God blessed me with this kind of family.

I experienced one of the most beautiful surprises in my life when i was 19 years old.

Writing is my forever passion. It never fails to lift my spirit high whenever I finished a feel-good piece. It’s like music to me. Soul-stirring. One of my top comfort pills. I want to write a read-worthy book before I die—something like those of Joyce Meyer, Elizabeth Elliott, Paulo Coelho, F.Sionil Jose, Nick Joaquin’s. a friend once told me that if you want to be immortal, you’ve got to write a book.

The typical damsel in distress in me still hopes that one day, true love will find me again. And I’m in no rush for I believe that God is preparing the best for His princess☺

I love being a preschool teacher. I am so grateful to God for blessing me with this desire and this job.  This big career leap was worth it. I could say i’m having the time of my life teaching little kids and spending wonderful mornings knowing I could get to witness their funny antics and all the amazing things they could offer.

I am so in love with comfy flats:-)

I love our place. It’s like Tree Hill for me. I love that I know almost all the people here, and they know me, too. I love that even the sidecar boys know me. I love that some ‘tambay chummies’ of mine would jest me whenever I look silly awful after work. This is the world for me. Being neighbors with these people who knows what fun is in the real sense is the best!

I am absolutely a 90’s baby! Oh and 80’s and 70’s and even 60’s, too!

Whenever I listen to The Smiths, Ramones, The Cure and some 80s groups I like, I could imagine myself in a record store looking at old LPs, my hair’s tissed and blonde, chewing bubble gum, my lips very red with red lipstick, and head banging to my favorite tunes. And by the way, it’s a different story whenever I listen to The Beatles songs 🙂

I never thought I’d love rock alternative until now. But I love music. I’ve always loved music for as long as I could remember. Any genres. Really depends on my moods.

I love country songs and OSTs. One Tree Hill’s soundtrack is the best. Listening to OSTs makes me feel like I’m actually part of the scene. Whenever I travel out of town, OSTs and country songs were a hit in my ipod. They denote carefree, blissful days ahead.

I think during my funeral, it doesn’t matter whether my coffin’s really nice or not. What’s important are the songs that should be played during wake.  Please! No usual and boring songs during my wake!

I love being with my younger cousins and nephews and nieces. I’d trade a night-off with my friends just to be with them, watch DVD or play or exchange stories. Waking up in the morning seeing them sleeping beside me is one of my comfort pills.

I love traveling. I love exploring unexplored places. I am a huge fan of budget traveling. Before I go to a certain place, I made it a habit to always check online for cheapo accommodations, nice but cost-effective restaurants, scenic places to go to, and even transpo fares just so I already have an idea on what to expect and I won’t be a total stranger in that place.

When it comes to traveling, I’m after the experience than comfort. I don’t like planning much because I believe that a trip is worth remembering when you get to experience impromptu stuff. I only plan for the sake of the budget.

I treat everything that happens along the way as part of God’s master plan for my life. The good ones, the bad ones, all of those spiced up my existence.

Once I like something or someone—a celebrity, movie, TV show, band, etc—it’s pretty hard for me to let go of my emotions. People could easily decode what my latest addiction is based on what I watch the most, what I surfed in the net about the most, my playlist, etc.

I used to want to be a guy that if God would let me choose what gender I’d have, I’d really choose to be a male then. Back then I used to believe that there are definitely lots of things that guys can do that girls can’t. Now, however, I’ve learned to embrace, love, and appreciate the gender that God has blessed me with. And yes, I am definitely celebrating my womanhood now!

I love the sight of converging trees or roads. It gives me a comforting feeling that matters in this world could actually meet at one point of their existence.

I love the smell of rugby, nail polish, pentel pen, crayons, plastic covers, and pages of a new book.

Bookmarks saved in my browser were comprised mostly of preschool stuff, single women blogs, music streaming sites, travel blogs and Christian reflection sites☺

When in the mall, I’m usually seen either in the bookstore, furnitures section, or in the music section. If I’m being my girly side, you can also see me either in the shoes or bags section.

I love grocery shopping! In all honesty, I am more fond of doing that than shopping for clothes. I love pushing carts and putting stuff inside and then unpacking the grocery bag when I get home and arranging the grocery items in our cabinet.

I love browsing for pictures of houses in the internet or magazines. I also love watching TV shows which feature different house interiors and styles.

I admire Patty Laurel a lot. Her post about how she decided to change her career path was one of my inspirations that backed me up on my decision to change course, too.

My life’s propelled with passion rather than finances, recognition and security. (ginaya from Patty Laurel)

I am a forever lover of Christmas season. I might have long bid goodbye to my wishing-for-Santa-to-come-and-give-his-gift-for-me phase but I will always be like a child super excited for Christmas. I love the feeling when Christmas is fast approaching. In fact when I’m feeling a bit out of track, I would always play my favorite Christmas songs and I would eventually feel okay:-)

I am very much proud to be PINOY! I believe that the Philippines holds a very special place in God’s heart and that He has wonderful plans for my country that’s waiting to be uncovered.

I love the simplicity of the black and white combination in a house.

I am a happy all-around servant . I am a writer, a preschool teacher, and an events organizer all at the same time.

Just like most of the people my age, I am also a victim of quarter-life crisis.

The top 5 foods I can’t live without are: (1) chocolates (2) ice cream (3) cake (4) tocino (5) hotdog.

I am a PEPPERMINT addict! i love all types of food with peppermint sprinkles on it–chocolates, ice creams, frappes, etc!

I am a precious princess of my Mighty King.

I am not totally spiritual because I still give way to my creative, imaginative and weird side 🙂

I keep updating this page because as I go through my everyday life, I keep discovering new things about myself.

If you want to share your thoughts, ask for prayer, or just about anything you want to ask, you can leave me a note at


9 thoughts on “The Person Behind The String of Thoughts

  1. Wow! very inspiring. When u started mentioning ur place and ur childhoold… It dawned at me that I like the old times better.. Condos are no fun for kids! hehee I’m glad I grew up in the streets of Sto. Domingo. I won’t trade it for any high-rise condo places (although i dream of having one, in God’s time). Sarap kaya nung kilala ka ng mga tao sa lugar nio.. ulitimo kartero at tambay sa kanto alam ang address ko. ahahaha I miss my childhood days.. hays..Emote mode ulet..

  2. Thank you for visiting Seekers Portal, and liking my post “Feedback on Chowking’s Self-service Spoon and Fork Policy.” 😀

    You may want to update your gravatar profile and link this WordPress blog there. 😉 I found my way here after looking at your other blog (Blogspot). 😀

    Keep writing and keep living life to the full. God bless you more!

  3. Hi! This is a great blog. Please find comfort in knowing you are not alone in experiencing quarter-life-crisis. I, too, experienced it few years ago. It a process, only God and time will determine when you will overcome it. Don’t worry, you will get there. It’s an experience. Just enjoy the process and everything will work out in God’s time. 🙂

    • Hello,

      Thank you for dropping by my blog:-) I’m actually way past the quarter life now:-) I just wasnt able to edit this particular post:-) Thanks for the encouraging words:-)

      God bless you:-)


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