Saigon Coffee Scene

Saigon Coffee Scene

Before I went to Vietnam, I’ve done quite a few researches on what to expect in this country. I tried to find out how life is in Vietnam, especially Ho Chi Minh city since I’m planning on staying there. And one of the top things that enticed me more into coming to Vietnam is its vibrant coffee scene. I didn’t know then that Vietnam holds the second spot in the best coffee-producing countries in the world. I didn’t even know how Vietnamese coffee actually tastes. But I must admit that just looking at the interior shots of those coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh city is already enough to make me want to go there.

And they didn’t fail me. Having been in Ho Chi Minh city for almost 9 months now, I could say that the coffee scene in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city) and in Vietnam as a whole is really vibrant, fascinating and so chic. I love how coffee shop hopping is such a fun thing to do here. My fondness for chic and thematic designs is being indulged in this country, especially in Saigon. I love how the ambiance of each cafe is different from each other.

I must admit, I’m really impressed. And surprised. Never had I imagined and expected that Vietnam has this really huge, vibrant and artsy cafe scene. I thought that these kinds of coffee shops can only be seen in South Korea or in Japan. Not in Vietnam. Definitely not in Vietnam. 

And yes, I was totally wrong. Man! I don’t need to travel all the way to South Korea just to have that chic coffee shop scenes I’ve always imagined myself to be in. I am actually having those scenes here, right in the heart of Vietnam — Saigon!


Ngoi Nha So 7 Cafe, District 3, HCMC


ID Cafe, District 3, HCMC



Fig Cafe in Phu Nhuan District, HCMC

The styles of the coffee shops in Saigon range from traditional Vietnamese designs to chic, artsy, and modern ones.


Vung Oi Mo Cua Cafe,  District 3, HCMC


Cafe Coi Xua, Phu Nhuan District


Cosmo Cafe, District 1, HCMC


The Morning Cafe, District 1, HCMC


She Cafe, District 1, HCMC


Koneko Cafe, District 2, HCMC

Plus,there are also garden coffee shops that are nature-inspired to add a more relaxing, calming feel.


Du Mien Cafe, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC


Mien Dong Thao Cafe, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC


S Cafe, Phu Nhuan District

These are only some, and I mean just SOME of the most fancied coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh city. There are still a LOT more! Believe me, my 8 months here is not yet enough for me to visit all those charming fascinating coffee shops in the city.

And yes, these coffee shops are one of my top reasons why I’m enjoying my stay here in Vietnam. I always feel like I’m in a K-drama whenever I’m in a coffee shop here.

Yes. That is weird.

Aside from having really eye-catching cafe designs, Vietnam also boasts off its world-renowned coffee taste. It is just so addicting-ly good and definitely for the win!

Being a self-proclaimed coffee lover, this city and this country is really satisfying my coffee taste bud and my love for chic designs. I just know that I am exactly where I should be at this moment of my life.

Thanks for the awesome coffee, Vietnam!

Crossing Cultures in Vung Tau

Crossing Cultures in Vung Tau

Living in Vietnam for more than 8 months now, I could say that this country is not done yet surprising me with its stunning and charming places. I could honestly say that I have never expected Vietnam to be this lovely.

Just last weekend, a Vietnamese colleague and friend, Rosie, invited me to her hometown in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. This place is just two hours away from Ho Chi Minh city and could easily be reached by bus, van or even motorbike. And yes, even though it’s just near the city center, I didn’t have the luxury of time to visit this small province before. Not until last weekend. All thanks to my good Vietnamese friend who was kind and hospitable enough to invite me to her place.

On the road to Vung Tau

When the clock struck 6:00 last Friday, me and my friend  hurriedly turned off our computers, got our stuff and went straight to the ground floor and waited for a cab that will take us to the bus terminal going to Vung Tau.

It wasn’t actually a bus but a van that brought us to Vung Tau. A smooth, comfortable less than 2 hours ride for only VND 80,000. There was one stop-over on the way for those who want to go to the comfort room or buy something to eat.

We left Ho Chi Minh city around 7pm and we arrived at Rosie’s house in Vung Tau around 8:30 pm. While approaching the town proper of Vung Tau, I kept saying to my friend that that was not how I imagined Vung Tau to be. Before I had my eyes laid on this small town, I imagined Vung Tau to be very rural — like grass fields on both sides of the road, traditional wooden houses, not much people on the streets, and all the countryside images you can think of.

But the Vung Tau I saw last weekend was way different from what I’d imagined. The town is more like a small city within the suburbs but very vibrant and full of life. You wouldn’t even feel you are away from Ho Chi Minh city, except for some areas where you can only see the sea and mountain.








For a starter, my friend’s house is really gorgeous! It’s the type you usually see on TV series. It’s a modern Vietnamese house with really yummy colors. I even joked Rosie that her house is like a big ice cream for me.

The next day, my friend and her parents toured me around the town and tried various types of Vietnamese food I fondly call “Vung Tau hits.” I tried Banh khot for breakfast and Rosie’s mom’s special version of mon cuon  or rolled in rice paper dish, and cha ca or fish cake. Then for dinner, we had seafood hotpot that’s really ngon (delicious in Vietnamese)! And before we capped the night off, Rosie and her friend even let me have that Turkish ice cream and the banh bong lan (cheese cupcake) I’ve been raving to have! It was such a tummy-filled night!


Banh Khot



Enjoying my Turkish ice cream:-)


A memorable trip

The whole day might not be enough to see all the wonderful tourist spots in Vung Tau and experience swimming on its beach waters, but nevertheless, it was a tour worth having. Aside from the fact that it was a free tour– all thanks to Rosie and her family — I was able to see Vung Tau from the local’s perspectives. I actually felt not a tourist that time but more of a visiting relative from another part of Vietnam. That was what Rosie and her family made me feel that time. They were so welcoming, warm and hospitable. Perhaps, that was what made this trip really memorable. It might just be a usual tour along the countryside of Vietnam, but the people who welcomed me there made a lot of difference.



with my Vietnamese friend, Rosie:-)


That short Vung Tau trip made me appreciate Vietnam more, especially its people. It made me see the Vietnamese people in a different light. It was also a good chance for me to really get to experience the local’s way of life and how the local family treat each other. I realized that the Vietnamese and Filipino families are not really very different when it comes to how they value their families. Both countries give high value to family relationships and have a really close ties among the members. If not for the language difference, I would have felt that I’m actually just spending time with my close relatives.


with Yen while buying my favorite custard cupcake:-)





Vung Tau may not be as stunning or as famous as the other tourists destinations in Vietnam, but it definitely charmed my heart with its simplicity and laid-back feel. Moreover, the people who welcomed me there and let me in their humble abode made me realized how blessed I am to be able to experience another culture and be treated like I’m actually a part of the family. This trip is definitely one for the memory box:-)


Nap Time Thoughts of A Preschool Teacher


Nap time. One of my favorite parts of the day in school right now. A lot of random thoughts usually run in my mind during this time as I watch my students sleep beside each other,

I wonder how many of them will actually meet again maybe 15-20 years after their kindergarten days and fall in love with each other? What are the odds? Probabilities?

I wonder if they will ever remember that they once slept beside each other during nap time in preschool before. Will they ever remember that they once shared a spoon of ice cream just because the little boy still wants some ice cream and the little girl was kind enough to give him a spoonful of it? Will the little boy remember that he once grabbed the toy truck from the little girl just because he thinks trucks are just for boys? Will the little girl remember that she once cried so loud because of that little boy or will she just remember how she laughed at the funny antics of the little boy when they were playing with the wooden blocks at the construction corner? Will both of them remember how they made a good team trying to build a tower with those blocks and not letting their other classmates join in on the fun just because that moment was exclusively theirs?

How many of these kids will have their hearts broken before they even reach their puberty stage? The kind of heart ache that seemed just a tiny piece of wound but could actually give so much effect in his/her growing up years? The kind of wound that you thought you have forgotten already but could actually haunt you and make you remember that pain once you meet someone again and try your chance on falling in love again. I wonder who among them will end up best friends for life? Or who will end up as “just friends” just because they tried it but they realized they are better off as friends?

I have more than a dozen young, innocent souls in my classroom of happiness now. Each of them has a distinct personality that makes them different from one another. Each is special in his/her own way. Each of them amuses me in their own lovely way. Sometimes while waiting for them to close their eyes and fall asleep during nap time, I just can’t help but imagine how the romance part of their lives will turn out to be. Who will fall in love with who? Who will have his/her heartbroken by who? Who will end up getting married to each other? Will there be someone from that class who would actually try to look for his/her classmate after so many years just to let him/her know that he/she once a had a huge crush on him/her? Will there be someone who will be bold enough to confess his/her feelings?

Maybe I am just a plain hopeless romantic that even at those down times when I can just rest my body from half a day of extensive work in school and prepare myself for the next half to cap off the day, I just can’t hold off my mind from thinking about those random stuff.

Or perhaps, deep inside my heart, I just want all of them to experience the kind of wonderful love they all deserve. Because they all deserve to be loved in a special way. No matter how they piss me off sometimes with their rowdiness, I have to admit that I’ve grown so fond of each and everyone of them. And yes, I do love them. I love the fact that I am their teacher and they think of me as their mommy in school. And like a real mommy, I want them to find the love they all deserve in the future. If only I can shield them from heartbreak by teaching them about the Dos and Don’ts of falling in love, but even me myself is still a student of that lesson. I am still learning. I haven’t mastered that yet, and perhaps I never will. I just hope that no matter how many heartbreaks they will experience or how deep the pain they would experience in the future, my little angels will still continue believing in love and that they will not lose hope that they can also find and experience true love. I hope that when they get their hearts broken, they will remember how they were in Kindergarten — cry so loud and then move on like as if nothing happened. I hope they will not dwell too much on the pain but instead, use those pains to become a better person in life and in love.

If only I can tell these to them. But I’d rather not spoil the mystery of life and love to them. I will let them discover on their own how wonderful it is to live, to find love, to fall in love, to lose it and find it again. Anyway, they are still too young to fathom the complexities of it all. For the meantime, I will just let them play and enjoy the simplicity of life in their little perfect world.

Of Sunday Mornings and A New Heart for Vietnam


Sunday morning. Some couple of months ago, Sunday mornings meant a lot different to me. It meant waking up early and prepping up to attend Sunday service in our church in Medan, Indonesia. It meant preparing the sound system to make sure that the audio works well and some minor preparations before the service starts. It also meant meeting and spending time with my spiritual family there. Most important of all, Sunday mornings meant hearing God’s word and listening to the preaching of our pastor there.

Well Sunday morning took a kind of different turn for me now. Instead of prepping up to attend a Sunday service, I woke up early to wash my week’s worth of clothes and met my new Vietnamese friend who will take me to the street where our church is located here in Ho Chi Minh City. Well we did find the address but Im still not sure if my church really holds service there so I still have to go back a little later for the English service schedule. My friend had to leave me since she has a scheduled date with her boyfriend so I had to brave the streets of District 3 going to District 1 alone.

Almost 5 months and a lot of things have changed. From always having someone to be with me wherever I go, I now find myself doing everything on my own. Well, I do have some friends here who were kind enough to drive me around the city but still, there are just some things you got used to that you will long for every now and then. I’m missing those times when just a single call or text and there’s already someone who’s very willing to go with you wherever.

Being on your own has its pros and cons. Well, I could go out anytime now without having to think about whether someone’s waiting for me to go home or not. I can go wherever I want randomly. I can choose to eat or not. I can choose to sleep the whole day or just go around the city the whole day. Everything is totally up to me. Sometime ago, I dreamed of living this kind of life and I’m totally experiencing it now.

When I first set my feet on Vietnam, I didn’t know anyone. Everything is really unfamiliar to me. I haven’t even been to this country before. I don’t have any idea what’s in store for me here. I just know that I need to take this certificate course if I want to teach overseas and Vietnam’s a good choice. It’s like I’m in one of the biggest and exciting challenges of my life and I only rely on God’s grace every single day. But from Day 1 up to this day, I think I am loving how I am seeing myself now. I am discovering things about myself which I never thought I could be before. I thought I wouldn’t be able to fit in with the group of people from other nations, but it turned out I could and I could even be just as weirdly normal to them as I am with my other friends. I thought I’m kind of shy when speaking in front, but I realized that I could very well do it when the need arise and I don’t feel uncomfortable at all. Never mind if I have to speak to a group of people with different nationalities, personalities, and perceptions. If I need to do it, I would do it.

I have to admit, though, I still miss the people I used to share my Sundays with in Indonesia. A big part of my heart is still longing that one day, I would still be able to attend Sunday services with them again. I miss hearing people talking in Bahasa because Vietnamese language is really different. I couldn’t understand a thing since there’s almost no similarity with the Filipino language.

I am praying to God to give me a new heart for this nation. I want to have a new heart for Vietnam and I want to love this country as much as I am loving Indonesia. This is just my first week, though. I know that there are still a lot about Vietnam that I have yet to discover and love. I am opening up my heart to this nation and I’m pretty sure God has a special reason and purpose why I am where I am now. I’m just excited for I know that wonderful things are up ahead of me:-)

I am alone in this city but I am not lonely. I’ve gained a lot of new friends in just a matter of week and I know I will still have more as days go by. And who knows? Maybe finding a new love will be on its way:-)

Dear Friend

“I will wait until you decide to come back to me.”

“Until when are you going to wait?”

“Until I’m no longer in this world.”

I don’t know what good have I done to deserve a friend like you. No, actually you are not just a friend. You are a dear sister. A family to me. You made me feel so at home with you.

Our start was not so-good. You were so-so for me. I was just usual for you. Never did we imagine that we will be this close after that encounter.

I never had a long-distance relationship with a friend before. I mean, I have friends who are living miles away from me but the communication is not really as constant as ours. Imagine talking to each other almost everyday for the last 457 days since we became friends. Man! That’s clingy-ness to the highest level! 🙂

No, I’m not complaining. In fact, I love every moment we talk to each other. I love that even if some of our topics have already been repeated a number of times, still we enjoy talking about them. I love that we can spend how many hours talking on the phone and not really notice that it’s already been almost 4 hours. I love that even it’s just chatting, we can spend almost 3 hours and not really feel bored with each other. I love that we keep on updating each other on what is happening to us everyday.

We are just crazy together and we support each other’s craziness. We even have our own playlist for every season or issue we have, right? We can make an album with our friendship’s official soundtrack! And yes, we even have our own set of friendship quotes, too. I remember you even said that maybe if we’re going to compile all those quotes, we can already publish a book 🙂

Our friendship, is of course, not perfect. We’ve had more issues than the times we spent together. Sometimes just a simple word could already start a long argument. There were days of not talking, trying to control the urge to chat, and waiting who will give in first. We would know how each other feels through checking the status in BBM or the tweets in Twitter or through the songs we’re listening at the moment which we also post. Hashtag: #NowPlaying. Oh, and how can I forget the tagging of each other in Instagram when we see some photo or quote that reminds us of us?

Weird as we seem to be but that’s just how we are as friends. That’s how we keep up with each other. Those things are already part of our friendship. Guess, we are just weird together and we are enjoying it. How many times have we talked about “the end” or “space” or “time-off?” I lost count already. But I’m glad that we are still together. Still sticking with each other. Still the best tag team ever even with our imperfections.

You are that kind of friend that I really couldn’t believe exist. The way that you show your love for me is just beyond what my heart could contain. You are indeed one of God’s greatest blessings to me. I will forever be thankful to Him for your life and your friendship.

I know I always tell you how thankful I am with you and how you really touch my life. But last night, you made me see you in a different perspective. When you rebuked me for how I reacted over some issues we were talking about, I just felt like I was poured a tub of cold water. It was like you put the sanity back to me. I admit that when I’m in the height of my emotions, I can’t seem to think clearly and you put back that sanity with the words you uttered that time. I honestly felt ashamed that I’m way older than you but it was you who was telling me what I should do to brush off those silly thoughts.

Yes, my pride was bruised for a moment. I felt small in front of you. I felt so immature. But then that conversation with you last night was one of the meaningful conversations we had. It made me realized that it’s not really the age that can determine a person’s maturity. You acted and thought 10x more mature than me that time. And you seriously impressed me. Yes, I was embarrassed but somehow, I felt happy with how you are becoming. I just felt so proud of you.

That was indeed a defining moment. I was broken that time and there you were, telling me things that I actually already know.  But that time when you uttered those words, it was like those are the things I needed to hear right that moment so I can think clearly. And yes, you were right when you said that maybe, God is using you so I can learn more about dealing with some of my issues.

Yes, God is really using you not only to make me feel love and appreciated, but to speak life to me. To keep me together. To tell me to keep pressing on when I already want to give up. To encourage me. To inspire me. To make me smile. To make me laugh my heart out. To make me feel and experience pain so I would know how to deal with them accordingly.

THANK YOU. Words are not really enough to let you know how blessed I am to have you in my life. Thank you for sticking with me despite all the hurts and stressed I’ve caused you. Thank you for not giving up on our friendship. Thank you for not giving up on me. Thank you for loving me that much. Thank you for all the lessons you didn’t know you are teaching me. I am learning a lot from you:-)

SORRY. For those times I’ve hurt you and I made you feel stressed. Sorry for being inconsiderate of your feelings. I am really sorry. I hope I can be better for you in the coming days and months and years.

I hope and I pray that we will be friends until we both couldn’t recognize each other anymore because of old age. Until our face gets wrinkled and we can no longer walk long miles because our feet are both shaky already.

P.S. Don’t forget that you will be the bridesmaid in my wedding and I will be part of your entourage, too:-) You will be the godmother of my soon-to-be mini-me and I will be the godmother of your little ones, too 🙂

Special P.S.

I LOVE YOU so much. I may not be the best ate you could ever have but I love you to the best that I can.

And to quote Elle Goulding: How long will I love you? As long as stars are above you and longer if I can.


My Maginhawa Hits for A Satisfied, Happier Tummy!

My Maginhawa Hits for A Satisfied, Happier Tummy!

I don’t know when my fascination to discover new places to eat started. I just know that whenever my friends or cousins would ask me to go out with them, I’m usually the pa-bibo one who always suggests places to eat. And usually, I will google for restaurants that are not found in the mall, but in the streets where it is unlikely to find a picture-worthy restaurant. And Maginhawa Street in Quezon City is one of my favorite go-to-places whenever I go on a food trip with family and friends.

Maginhawa Street is actually no longer an unfamiliar name for foodies. It is a residential area that is just a walking distance from Philcoa in Quezon City. This street and its neighboring roads are known for hole-in-the-wall restaurants and houses which were turned into restaurants. Students from nearby universities such as University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, and Miriam College usually frequent this street for the number of indie restaurants, cafes, kiosks, and dessert places you can find in this strip.

And because it is one of my happy places, I’ve already tried some of the restaurants here with some of my favorite people in the world:-) Here’s giving you some suggestions on where to eat when in Maginhawa Street:

1. Pipino 

-This is a vegetarian restaurant owned and operated by the same people behind Pino Restaurant — that is why it is also located in the same building as Pino. What I like about Pipino is that you can eat a whole plate without feeling really bloated since they offer healthy food.

What we tried: 

  • Garlic Noodles with broccoli, walnut and parmesan cheese. It’s like Aglio Olio with a little twist. *
  • Creamy Pesto with Wasabi onion rings *
  • Vanilla Graham Ice Cream *
  • Pipino Shake *

Veggie Date with my friend, PA

Munching Budget: P200-300 per person

Address: 39 Malingap Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City
Telephone No: 4411773

2. Ally’s All Day Breakfast

-Ally’s is small breakfast place in Malingap Street which offers really yummy pancakes, waffles and other all-time brekky goodies. What’s famous about Ally’s is their create-your-own-pancake item in the menu wherein you can choose on a number of yummy ways to make your pancake the way you like it.

What we tried: 

  • Ferrero Rocher Pancrepe (P170) *
  • Cadbury Pancrepe (P150) *
  • Toblerone Pancrepe (P150) *
  • Lucban Longanisa meal (P160)
  • Bagnet Liempo meal (P270) *
  • Sweet Pork Tocino meal (P130)

Muching Budget: P200-300 per person

Address: 50 Malingap Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

Telephone #: 0906-444-3878


Big appetite date with my cousins 🙂


spending time with Lessie

3. Friuli Trattoria 

-A restaurant that offers comfort Italian food at an affordable price. The place is not really big enough but it is one of the restaurants in the strip that is usually full. Well, why not? Their pizza and pasta is really yummy — at par with the taste that other Italian posh restos are offering at a very wallet-friendly price.

What we tried:

  • Pizza Margherita (P190) *
  • Classic Pepperoni Pizza (P205)
  • Barbecue Chicken (P240) *
  • Angel Hair Puttanesca (P140)
  • Penne in Smoked Sausage Sauce (P155) *
  • Spaghetti Carbonara (P140)

Munching Budget: P200-300 per person (Pizza and pasta are good for sharing)

Address: 79-A Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City

Telephone #: 4341416

Extension of the big appetite date with the cousins :-)

Extension of the big appetite date with the cousins 🙂


Catching Up with Vannah and Joni 🙂

4. The Breakfast Table

– Another restaurant that offers breakfast goodies and added some more appetizing flavors in the menu is the Breakfast Table. What I like about this place is its quirky ambiance–that kind of interiors you can see in Pinterest. I love the blue and white color combination of the place and how they made use of old denims as part of the table set-up.

What we tried:

  • Binagoongan Omurice (P185) – 2 eggs, crispy pork binagoongan, garlic rice and petite salad *
  • Adobo Omurice (P175) – 2 eggs, roasted adobo chunks, garlic rice, petite salad
  • EGGS TBT Eggs Benedict – (P195) – 2 poached eggs, tinapa flakes, pinoy hollandaise, challah and petite salad *

Munching Budget: P200-300 per person

Address: Ground Floor, Maginhawa Building, 189 Maginhawa Corner Makadios Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

Telephone #: 4333597

Clingy 3 date with Jhen and Rhona :-)

Clingy 3 date with Jhen and Rhona 🙂


5. A Taste of Heaven 

-If you are craving for milkshakes, you should head on to A Taste of Heaven. Here you can find a wide variety of milkshake flavors you can choose from — Speculous Cookie Butter, Salted Caramel, Peach Banana, S’mores Banana Split, Bubblegum, and many others. They also have some pica-pica in their menu for you and your friends to munch on and balance the taste like the fries, chilly wings, frankfurters, and burgers. The place is relatively small and could only fit approximately 10 guests inside.

What we tried: 

  • Butterfinger Milkshake (P85) *
  • Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Milkshake (P85) *
  • Speculous Cookie Butter milkshake (P130) *
  • Freedom Chips (P55) *

Munching Budget: P100-200

Address: 71 Maginhawa Street, UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City


Milkshake goodness:-)

a taste of heaven

6. Artsy Cafe

-Another dainty restaurant you can find in Maginhawa Street which serves rice meals, pasta, sandwiches, coffee and desserts. Their art wall is an impressive  factor of the place plus their porch area really gives off that relaxing, coffee-by-the-garden-side-kind of feeling.

What we tried:

  • Chicken Parmigiana (P15o)
  • Baby Back Ribs (P360) *
  • Lengua (P180)
  • Tuna Melt sandwich (P120)
  • Iced Butterscotch Coffee (P120) *
  • Benguet Brewed Coffee (P120)

Munching Budget: P200-300 per person

Address: 36 Maginhawa Street, Diliman, Quezon City

Telephone #: 4349487


Year-ender Cousins’ Date





7. Leona Art Cafe

-This laid-back artsy restaurant offers really tasty and cheesy pizza at an affordable price. The place looks kinda old which added to the artsy vibe of the restaurant. They have a fixed promo of P499 for three kinds of pizza but the Three Cheese and the Pepperoni are a staple so you will only choose the third one. I’d say it is already enough for 6-10 people since you can enjoy three types of pizza for only P499. When I went out with my cousins (we were 6), we only paid P75 each for the three types of pizza we indulged ourselves on:-)

Munching Budget: P75-100/person if in a group

Address: 45 Matimtiman Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City

Telephone #: 9297490


Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza

Three-Cheese Pizza

Three-Cheese Pizza

8. The Baker’s Table

This is a small dessert place where you can buy cakes which are very Pinoy in taste such as the Milo Mousse Cake, the MikMik Cake, HawHaw Cake, Butterball Cake, Viva Caramel Cake, and even Puto Bumbong Cake. You can even go on a nostalgia talk with your friends or family while munching on the sweets since the tastes of the cakes could really remind you of your childhood days. When I went here with my cousins, we just ordered 4 variants of cakes and just shared with each other so we can all have a taste of the different cake flavors.

What we tried:

  • Milo Mousse Cake (P120/slice) *
  • Butterball Cake (P110/slice) *
  • Mikmik Cake (P110/slice)
  • Puto Bumbong Cake (P120/slice) *

Munching Budget: P120-P150 per person

Address: 880B Maginhawa Street, Quezon City

Telephone #: 0917-5766001, 4337543


Milo Mousse Cake

Milo Mousse Cake

Puto Bumbong Cake

Puto Bumbong Cake

MikMik Cake

MikMik Cake

Butterball Cake

Butterball Cake

9. Breakfast and Pies

Another restaurant owned by the people behind Pino and Pipino, Breakfast and Pies serve unique breakfast dishes, home-made pies, gourmet waffles, and fresh bread. You may also want to avail of their 50% off promo on their breads during closing hours (which me and my sister!). We got 10 pieces of cheese rolls for only P15/each. Their Mombana Hot Chocolate is really for the win! It tastes like Chuckie choco drink, but only made hot.

What we tried: 

  • Mombana Hot Chocolate (P75) *
  • Malongo Coffee (P75) *
  • Cheese Rolls (P30/piece) *

Munching Budget: P100-200

Address: 39 Malingap Street,Teachers Village, Quezon City

Telephone #: 4411773



10. The Porch by Casa Verde

One of my favorites in this side of the city, The Porch by Casa Verde serves American home-style comfort food like ribs, steaks, hamburgers, pastas, sandwiches and desserts at a budget-friendly prices. Dining in their porch area gives me that feeling like I’m really in a country-side American house. Their single serve of ribs is already good for sharing for 2-3 people.

What we tried:

  • Brian’s Ribs (P250, single order) *
  • Tenderloin Tips and Eggs (P198) *
  • Best Sampler (P328) – bacon & cheese, potato skins, fried cheese and buffalo wings *
  • Caramel Macchiato Ice Cake (P218) *
  • Lauren’s Lava cake (P188) *

Munching Budget: P250-400 per person

Address: 113 Anonas Extension, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

Telephone #: 9527178

The Fam-bam :-)

The Fam-bam 🙂

Brian's Ribs

Brian’s Ribs

Caramel Macchiato Ice Cake

Caramel Macchiato Ice Cake

Lauren's Lava

Lauren’s Lava


I only put here ten restaurants but there are still many restos worth trying in Maginhawa Street. Indeed, this street is food haven! 😀

Experience That Good Breakfast-y Vibe at EGGS for BREAKFAST

Experience That Good Breakfast-y Vibe at EGGS for BREAKFAST

Eggs for Breakfast. My sister had been bugging me to join her to visit this 2-month old cafe in Antipolo City since she saw it in Instagram. But Christmas rush, holiday traffic jam, and laziness combined caused the planned visit to be cancelled for a number of times. I had to admit, though, that I was curious about this resto/cafe because of its name. Whenever I look for hole-in-the-wall restaurants, the name is part of the things I usually consider. If it sounds cute, then I’d have to visit that 🙂 And yes, the name Eggs for Breakfast sounds cute for me 🙂

Tucked in the posh Velada Estates inside Villa Cecilia Subdivision in Antipolo City, Eggs for Breakfast is a perfect go-to place if you want to have an early morning meet-up with friends, brunch dates, after-jogging power meal or even if you want to have some ‘me’ time. The resto gives off that breakfast-by-the-garden feel as it is surrounded by luscious greens and its interiors is really aimed at having that good morning vibe.




Their DIY green wall filled with cutesy crafts will welcome you as you enter the place. It really looks like a wall filled with crawling plants. Various innovative crafts are hanged on this wall which added more artistic vibe to the aura of the place. 



Plus on the corner you can see a cubby hole where some random crafty stuff were placed.


Breakfast lovers will surely love this place as it not only gives off a positive morning mood with its interiors, it will not fail your palette, too! Eggs for Breakfast serves mostly staple breakfast goodies all day– well, except Tocino which I hope they would have soon 🙂 They have a really tasty Tapa, sausage, omelettes, crepes, pancakes, French toast, ham and bacon, and even delectable pasta choices–mostly serve with eggs, of course! 😀

For this visit, I ordered for Beef Tapa (since there is no Tocino) and my sister tried their White Truffle Carbonara and finished it off with a Berries and Cherries Smoothie (P195).

Beef Tapa

Beef Tapa, P240

White Truffle Carbonara

White Truffle Carbonara, P250

Their serving is really generous. In fact, for my Beef Tapa order, I think 2 people can share with it. Suffice it to say that their food is wallet-friendly and you are really getting enough for what you paid for. I can say the food served to us were well-crafted and not being rushed just for the sake of serving it. There’s the art even in the preparation 🙂

Another thing about me visiting a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, I don’t really go for the food, but rather the interiors and ambiance of the place, so that explains why I can only show you two photos of food here 🙂 Better visit this place so you can give it a personal try 🙂

Eggs for Breakfast is certainly a must-try. It might be a bit far from Manila peeps but it is definitely worth the travel. I also recommend this for good service! The chef and the food attendant are both accommodating, which is another plus! 😀

How to go to Eggs for Breakfast:

(via commute)

From Araneta Center, ride an FX or jeep going to Antipolo City via Sumulong Highway. Once the jeep or FX turn right to Sumulong, look to your right and you will see Villa Cecilia Subdivision. Make sure you pay attention because the signage for Villa Cecilia signage is not really big enough. Once you alight in the entrance of the subdivision, walk towards the end of the road and you can see there Velada Estates. There you can find Eggs for Breakfast on the left.


#21 Don Juan st. Velada Estate, Villa Cecilia Subdivision Brgy. Mambugan Sumulong Highway Antipolo.


Php 200 – 500 per person

***Some photos were taken from Eggs for Breakfast Facebook page****

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