Chocolate Fire with The Ladies In Waiting:-)

Just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean we have to avoid restaurants and the  sights of lovey-dovey couples everywhere. Nope, we are an empowered women of God so we’ve got to celebrate this hearts day even if we are still waiting for our Adams to wake up:-)

And for this special date, we head on to Chocolate Fire which is located in Rufino corner Leviste Street in Makati City. I’ve been hearing much rave about this place but I haven’t been here yet so imagine my excitement when I finally stepped my feet inside this chocolatey resto.

Even if you are not a chocolate fanatic, you still wouldn’t help but be fascinated with the allure of the resto. The color palette of  Chocolate Fire’s interiors are very warm plus the feel is very warm and cozy. They’ve got mostly red and white chairs with wooden tables in the first floor and a nice combi of black couches, red and white chairs, wood installations, plus a dining area setup in one area on the second floor. Their second floor actually looks like a condo unit with the wash room, living room, dining area in there. The office of the manager could be the bedroom.

I won’t deny the fact that Chocolate Fire is really a nice place for lovers who would like to have sweet moments together while indulging in yummy chocolates. However, it is also perfect for friends who want to bond over chocolate milkshakes  or hot coffee while talking about life, love, career, and definitely anything under the sun. Busy people who are always on the go could also find solace in this place as Chocolate Fire could also pass for a piece of sanctuary especially for writers or those people who need to excrete their creative juices for a certain project.

And of course, how can we ever forget the reason why the resto is called Chocolate Fire? CHOCOLATES! I really went kooky upon seeing a wide array of chocolate selections by the counter. Man! That’s really a haven for chocolate lovers like me. The prices are not actually too costly as compared to other chocolate stores since you can get a small half-egg chocolate for only P15. They also have rich, imported strawberries dipped with good Belgian stuff as well as Pringles, blocks, and truffles.

Chocolate Fire also serve sandwiches and pasta  among other entrees so you really have a wide array of yummy selections that you can indulge yourelf on.

The only drawback? The calories!!!

But the best thing about this place and this first-time experience was that I could get to spend it with some of my most favorite people in the world:-)

One of the wonderful gifts that God is essentially blessing me with are the people surrounding my life now–be it with my family, or my old friends, or my colleagues, my classmates, or even with the people in the church. The latest inclusions in my bottle of happy pills are my Victory Group in VCF Malate. I feel really blessed to have found and be part of this group of ladies who are not only passionate with their crafts, but are also highly passionate about their love for God. They never fail to inspire me with their wonderful stories about Him and the things that God has been revealing or has revealed to them. Each and everyone of them has a really captivating story of how they found God and submitted their lives to Him. These ladies are one of the reasons why I believe that I am special to the Almighty Father:-)

Here’s to more delectable moments with these ladies I call my ‘sisters in Christ.’

Happy Heart’s Day lovely ladies!

Credits: Thanks cone for the fotos and