Penchants and Fancies

This is some random thoughts of someone who’s supposed to write something but is presently being walloped with writer’s block. Might as well just blog it away.

Oh well. These are the things that I’m very much fancying at the moment:

Wooden clothespins.






Pastel checkered patterns.



Wooden planks.




Hanging banners.

Hanging photos.

photo courtesy of Stacy’s.

And just about anything that’s hanging.

Candy Jars.

Recyclable glass bottles

Dotted Cloth Strips

Tin cans for recycling.

Country style houses.

White interiors with some pastel colors for accent.

Wooden park bench.

Wooden park bench facing the lake.

And I’m still loving peppermint! Anything minty at that.

Okay, so after posting the first 12 photos above, I’m feeling frenzied now to do some crafty stuff. I was never creative–I don’t even know how to cut a straight line!. Perhaps being a preschool teacher inspired me to be one. That’s why I love my job ultimately. It allows me to think out of the box when it comes to designing the classroom and providing art activities for the kids. However, this could also mean that I have to keep every box given to me and every ribbons of every gifts I received and even some paper bags and every piece of loose button I could find on the floor. But I love that I’m enjoying doing crafts now— even if I don’t really know if I’m good at it. What matters is i’m enjoying what I’m doing and it also serves as my relaxing pill.

The last 4 photos….I just feel good whenever I browse for photos like those. I would want them to be part of my future 🙂

Creative juices all rising up now. Better start writing now!