The Tale of an Empty Bench and of Finding Love

An empty bench.

Same as with every single soul praying for and wishing to find love, this bench sits there day in and day out, hoping to be a witness to a love story like no other. A love story perfectly authored by God.

The lady in waiting.

Then there’s the lady who’s been praying for that special someone to finally come her way. She goes there during her free time. Just thinking about different thoughts on life and love. Observing the people passing her left and right. Holding in her heart that earnest hope that one of those people walking pass through her will take time to look at her and see beyond what could be seen by the naked eye. Someone who will take time to look at what’s inside her heart.

Most of us walk that path of patiently waiting for ‘the one.’. Praying. Waiting. Hoping. Sometimes losing hope. Praying again and regaining that small spark of hope to finally meet that ‘person’ in one of our visits to that place where we spend most of our times wishing that love will finally walk on by, sit with us and stay there forever.

And then he walks on by.

Sits with her….and she finds herself enjoying every bit of moment spent with him. It’s as if spring has finally arrived in her life.

And there’s colors everywhere.

Could he be ‘the one?’

We always find ourselves asking that question over and over again every time we meet someone. The thought of spending the rest of our lives with that person excites us to bits.

Giving our much-coveted ‘YES’ to that person requires a lot of praying and thinking and contemplating. It might seem easy at first especially if you’re having that ‘kilig’ feeling over that guy. But true love goes beyond that ‘kilig’ feeling. Always aim for that ‘love at last sight’ thing more than the ‘love at first sight’ for is speaks of fidelity and loyalty till your last breath.

Most of all, love should be under God’s oversight. It is one thing to feel in love but it is one very important thing to be in love under the blessings of God. It is a much heartwarming feeling. It’s as if happiness has no ending and occasional heartaches are just flowers to keep your garden of love bloom in beauty all the more.

God is the Ultimate Author of the best love stories ever told and He is very much concerned with our love lives more than we do for ourselves. Just a trust in His timing is all He’s asking of us before he could finally let us meet ‘the BEST one’ for us. Seek Him first and let His desires for you overpower your own heart’s desires.

Love is a union of 3.

When you finally get the confirmation from God, that’s the only time that you can say that true love has finally found you. We can find different kind of loving feeling in this world—from that guy who keeps on sending you messages in Facebook, or your officemate who’s being extra sweet and caring to you, or that guy you’ve met in a party; but it is only in pursuing the desire of God in your life that could make you feel truly in love, happy and satisfied.

God is our very own Dr. Love. You need not dial a number and let your voice be heard in the airwaves to understand what you’re feeling. You don’t even need to pay a high price to know who’s the one for you. A simple and sincere quiet time with Him is all you need. Listen closely to what He’s telling you and let His small voice overpower the desires of your heart.

Let God sit in a special place in your relationship. You need not worry about how to keep that love strong and how to make it last forever because God will be the one to make those things possible.

I haven’t found that kind of love yet but I am believing in the kind of love that God has destined for me. I just know that when that time comes, it’ll be the best kind of feeling I could ever feel. And yes, I am excited for that kind of love that only God could bring my way:-)

Nine Years. Now I Am Ready For The Spring Season.

The longest storm is finally over. The winter season of my life has already bid adieu. Checking my heart…
Is pain still nestling here? Gladly, the grief, which for a long time resided in my heart, finally packed its bag and left, living my heart more room now to be happy, to share happiness, to love and share that love, and to be hopeful for brighter days.

Today, I am celebrating nine years of wonderful love that goes beyond death.

I am remembering that very special day when true love took notice of me and knocked into my door.

And still today, I am also letting go of that love. I am finally moving on.

Nine years and I hope to stop counting and start creating memories with whom Father God has specially reserved me for.

What I used to think as beyond the bounds of possibility has now come to pass.

I am now ready to welcome the new season in my life.

I can only thank the Father for all these.

I thank Him for the pain for it made me understand His essence in my life and find refuge in Him alone.

I thank Him for walking beside me through all those days of grief and melancholy.

And I thank Him for blessing me with a heart that’s now hopeful for the coming spring season.

To the love that I once cherished deeply in my heart, rest assured that you will never be forgotten.

Death tried to separate us but it failed to take away the very essence of you in my life.

Wherever life takes me and whatever new adventures this new season will bring, I will never forget that once in my life, there was  a wonderful ‘you,’ a beautiful surprise that happened to me.

In the sea of matchless blessings, in the city where walls are precious jewels and streets are pure gold, in the place where there’s exceeding joy and treasures, I will meet you there. In God’s time, we will be reunited again.

Goodbye winter. Hello my beloved spring☺

Why I Love Spring……

I love the Spring Season. A bit odd because I live in the Philippines and I haven’t really experienced that season ever, since we only recognize two seasons in our tropical country–summer and rainy.

But I love Spring. I can’t remember when my love for this particular season started. I just realized one day that I’m becoming hooked on browsing spring images on the net and using it as either background for my blog site or for my desktop. Furthermore, when I search for themes for my sites, I often look for spring themes. I even got glued on watching videos and reading poems and stories about this delightful season.

Perhaps I learned to love spring because I love the idea of the flowers opening their blooms and showing off their beauty. I love spring flowers! I’m not much of a flower lady but when i think of spring flowers especially cherry blossoms, I’m really delighted.

I love spring because I love to fancy about snow melting, grass changing from brown to green, the air getting warmer, and the sun rising up in the earlier hours of the morning.

I love spring because it is the season when the birds start building their nests. They say that the sound of birds singing is one of the first signs of spring.  This is also the season for new born lambs.

I love spring because I love imagining myself smelling that distinct fragrance of the spring season while walking down the street and feeling the rush of excitement for welcoming this blissful season.

I love spring because everything seems so colorful, vibrant and fresh. Like it’s the nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s Party!’

I love spring because for most part, it symbolizes hope and a new beginning. They say that it’s God’s way of saying that there are still wonderful things to look forward to in life after a season of drought or sadness. Now’s the time to renew, recharge and freshen up and forget the bad things that occurred during the last season.

I love spring because it is the season of love. For those who’ve been hurt in the past, spring is the time to let go of that bitter feeling and welcome love in their hearts again. As for people who’ve never experienced being in love before, spring is the time of hope and great expectations. It is the time to explore and enjoy life like you’ve always wanted. Mostly, love often blooms during the spring season.

Perhaps I love spring because of the hope and the comfort it brings to weary souls. It is the time to relax, smell the flowers, be in one with nature, marvel at the wonderful creations of God, and simply expect for great things to come:-)