Dear Friend

“I will wait until you decide to come back to me.”

“Until when are you going to wait?”

“Until I’m no longer in this world.”

I don’t know what good have I done to deserve a friend like you. No, actually you are not just a friend. You are a dear sister. A family to me. You made me feel so at home with you.

Our start was not so-good. You were so-so for me. I was just usual for you. Never did we imagine that we will be this close after that encounter.

I never had a long-distance relationship with a friend before. I mean, I have friends who are living miles away from me but the communication is not really as constant as ours. Imagine talking to each other almost everyday for the last 457 days since we became friends. Man! That’s clingy-ness to the highest level! 🙂

No, I’m not complaining. In fact, I love every moment we talk to each other. I love that even if some of our topics have already been repeated a number of times, still we enjoy talking about them. I love that we can spend how many hours talking on the phone and not really notice that it’s already been almost 4 hours. I love that even it’s just chatting, we can spend almost 3 hours and not really feel bored with each other. I love that we keep on updating each other on what is happening to us everyday.

We are just crazy together and we support each other’s craziness. We even have our own playlist for every season or issue we have, right? We can make an album with our friendship’s official soundtrack! And yes, we even have our own set of friendship quotes, too. I remember you even said that maybe if we’re going to compile all those quotes, we can already publish a book 🙂

Our friendship, is of course, not perfect. We’ve had more issues than the times we spent together. Sometimes just a simple word could already start a long argument. There were days of not talking, trying to control the urge to chat, and waiting who will give in first. We would know how each other feels through checking the status in BBM or the tweets in Twitter or through the songs we’re listening at the moment which we also post. Hashtag: #NowPlaying. Oh, and how can I forget the tagging of each other in Instagram when we see some photo or quote that reminds us of us?

Weird as we seem to be but that’s just how we are as friends. That’s how we keep up with each other. Those things are already part of our friendship. Guess, we are just weird together and we are enjoying it. How many times have we talked about “the end” or “space” or “time-off?” I lost count already. But I’m glad that we are still together. Still sticking with each other. Still the best tag team ever even with our imperfections.

You are that kind of friend that I really couldn’t believe exist. The way that you show your love for me is just beyond what my heart could contain. You are indeed one of God’s greatest blessings to me. I will forever be thankful to Him for your life and your friendship.

I know I always tell you how thankful I am with you and how you really touch my life. But last night, you made me see you in a different perspective. When you rebuked me for how I reacted over some issues we were talking about, I just felt like I was poured a tub of cold water. It was like you put the sanity back to me. I admit that when I’m in the height of my emotions, I can’t seem to think clearly and you put back that sanity with the words you uttered that time. I honestly felt ashamed that I’m way older than you but it was you who was telling me what I should do to brush off those silly thoughts.

Yes, my pride was bruised for a moment. I felt small in front of you. I felt so immature. But then that conversation with you last night was one of the meaningful conversations we had. It made me realized that it’s not really the age that can determine a person’s maturity. You acted and thought 10x more mature than me that time. And you seriously impressed me. Yes, I was embarrassed but somehow, I felt happy with how you are becoming. I just felt so proud of you.

That was indeed a defining moment. I was broken that time and there you were, telling me things that I actually already know.  But that time when you uttered those words, it was like those are the things I needed to hear right that moment so I can think clearly. And yes, you were right when you said that maybe, God is using you so I can learn more about dealing with some of my issues.

Yes, God is really using you not only to make me feel love and appreciated, but to speak life to me. To keep me together. To tell me to keep pressing on when I already want to give up. To encourage me. To inspire me. To make me smile. To make me laugh my heart out. To make me feel and experience pain so I would know how to deal with them accordingly.

THANK YOU. Words are not really enough to let you know how blessed I am to have you in my life. Thank you for sticking with me despite all the hurts and stressed I’ve caused you. Thank you for not giving up on our friendship. Thank you for not giving up on me. Thank you for loving me that much. Thank you for all the lessons you didn’t know you are teaching me. I am learning a lot from you:-)

SORRY. For those times I’ve hurt you and I made you feel stressed. Sorry for being inconsiderate of your feelings. I am really sorry. I hope I can be better for you in the coming days and months and years.

I hope and I pray that we will be friends until we both couldn’t recognize each other anymore because of old age. Until our face gets wrinkled and we can no longer walk long miles because our feet are both shaky already.

P.S. Don’t forget that you will be the bridesmaid in my wedding and I will be part of your entourage, too:-) You will be the godmother of my soon-to-be mini-me and I will be the godmother of your little ones, too 🙂

Special P.S.

I LOVE YOU so much. I may not be the best ate you could ever have but I love you to the best that I can.

And to quote Elle Goulding: How long will I love you? As long as stars are above you and longer if I can.