That Shabby Chic Feel at Rustic Mornings

I don’t know if it comes with age but I really find myself getting more and more attracted to anything shabby chic. Be it a piece of furniture, wallpaper, designs, theme, or even with restaurants.  Turning wikipedia on, shabby chic refers to an interior design where furniture and furnishings are either chosen for their appearance of age and signs of wear and tear or where new items are distressed to achieve the appearance of an antique.

Am I slowly getting antique-ish? 😀

My latest shabby chic find is located in San Roque, Marikina City. The place is called Rustic Mornings and they serve brunch food from 8am-4pm. By 6pm, the place suddenly turns into a romantic, rustic style restaurant popularly known as Isabelo Garden.

The excitement to experience Rustic Mornings starts once you enter the gate and have an initial view of the mystic-like garden.


The place is very homey and welcoming and will not give you even a hint of intimidation. You can opt to dine either inside, which could give you a feel like you are inside an old country house, or at the garden where you can enjoy intimate talks with family and friends since there are tables for small groups to big groups artistically positioned a little far apart from each other and divided by different kinds of plants, trees, vines, pearl curtains, and some with recycled bottles strung together to make a curtain to give that more intimate and snuggy feel.

Having a penchant for old and recycled stuff, I love how the place is not only a hungry-tummies’ haven or a romantic spot, but it could also pass for an artist’s sanctuary. The eclectic arrangement of the things inside the place put forth a different kind of spunk to the place’s shabby chic nature.








The reason why I’m raving so much about the facade and the interior design of the place is because that’s exactly what I’m dreaming my own house to be when I’ll have my own family someday 😀 I love that the place looks so humble and simple (at least for me). I love the country feel it invokes with some old Hispanic touches.

And the food! The stuff we ordered were all good! I could say they were all worth journeying to Rustic Mornings!


Frankfurter, cheese omelet and garic rice (P220)

Gourmet hotdog sadnwich with chili con carne and sunny side up egg (P240)

Gourmet hotdog sadnwich with chili con carne and sunny side up egg (P240)

Creamy tomato curry kofta balls (P300) - good for sharing

Creamy tomato curry kofta balls (P300) – good for sharing

Frozen brazo de mercedes

Frozen brazo de mercedes

Plus, a Mother’s Day treat freebie for my Mama since it was Mother’s Day when we dined there! FRee baby pancakes!


It was indeed a lovely experience dining at Rustic Mornings. The staff were all nice and accommodating. If you need something from them, you just have to tap the bell located on the table to call their attention.

Rustic Mornings is one of those restaurants which you would really love to go to over and pver again–either with family and friends or just by yourself to enjoy some quiet time alone. It could also be a very perfect “wedding proposal” place especially for those ladies who love shabby chic and rustic designs (*wink*).

I really hope this place would maintain that “hidden garden” feel because it really adds magic to it. Finding it is like finding your own sanctuary which you want to keep a secret so it could preserve its mystic charm.

But since I want other people to experience Rustic Mornings as well, here’s how you can go there on a commute:

If you’re from Manila, you can ride LRT2 and get off at Katipunan Station. From there, ride a jeep going to Calumpang and ask the driver to drop you off at the Marikina Shoe Museum. You can easily see the Rustic Mornings banner there with an arrow pointing t0 where the resto’s located.