Bitter About Valentine’s Day? You Shouldn’t Be.

It’s the time of the year again–when heart-shaped stuff, flowers and chocolates are practically so in demand. Alright, it’s Valentine’s Day, so what’s the fuss? The fuss is that it’s not only a day of love and all, but it’s also tagged as the “Single Awareness Day.”

Bitter much?

If you’re single, you shouldn’t be. There are actually a million of ways you can do to enjoy and celebrate this special day of hearts. You don’t need to hunker down inside or avoid restaurants full of fawning couples and pretend that those myriad heart-shaped cards, candies, and balloons don’t exist. Don’t be too hard on yourself thinking that you’re not going to find true love again. The truth is, you will.

Let me share with you some essential reasons why you are still single:

1. Perhaps your Adam is still enjoying his deep sleep that’s why he hasn’t found you yet.
2. God is still preparing you spiritually, mentally, and emotionally so that when He’ll finally lead you the way to your Adam, you are already very much equipped with His words and you will no longer be swayed away from God’s purpose because of too much love for your partner.
3. God still wants you to understand the true meaning of love according to His standards.
4. God wants you to spend more time with Him first. He wants to get your full attention and He wants you to focus on Him first more than anyone else.
5. You haven’t really enjoyed your singlehood yet the way God wants you to enjoy it.
6. Maybe God is preparing you to do a mighty work for Him and He knows that just one wrong man could ruin His purpose for you.

It’s not really about your physical looks or your job or any other reasons that this world is putting in your face on why you are still single. You are single now for a purpose and that purpose is from the Almighty God. The least you can do now is to enjoy this wonderful season of your life with God. Singlehood is the shortest season of your life so don’t think that you’ve waited long enough. Just continue to be excited for that wonderful moment when God will finally usher in that man He specially created for you, because for sure, he is worth the wait:-)

Never compromise or put down your standards just because you think you’re already getting old and you need a husband or you want to get married as soon as possible. God placed a high value on you so you should value yourself the way God values you. So when people jest you and tell you: “choosy ka pa?” Answer them with a crisp YES because you have the right to be. You are God’s princess and you deserve to have the best:-)