Why I Love Spring……

I love the Spring Season. A bit odd because I live in the Philippines and I haven’t really experienced that season ever, since we only recognize two seasons in our tropical country–summer and rainy.

But I love Spring. I can’t remember when my love for this particular season started. I just realized one day that I’m becoming hooked on browsing spring images on the net and using it as either background for my blog site or for my desktop. Furthermore, when I search for themes for my sites, I often look for spring themes. I even got glued on watching videos and reading poems and stories about this delightful season.

Perhaps I learned to love spring because I love the idea of the flowers opening their blooms and showing off their beauty. I love spring flowers! I’m not much of a flower lady but when i think of spring flowers especially cherry blossoms, I’m really delighted.

I love spring because I love to fancy about snow melting, grass changing from brown to green, the air getting warmer, and the sun rising up in the earlier hours of the morning.

I love spring because it is the season when the birds start building their nests. They say that the sound of birds singing is one of the first signs of spring.  This is also the season for new born lambs.

I love spring because I love imagining myself smelling that distinct fragrance of the spring season while walking down the street and feeling the rush of excitement for welcoming this blissful season.

I love spring because everything seems so colorful, vibrant and fresh. Like it’s the nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s Party!’

I love spring because for most part, it symbolizes hope and a new beginning. They say that it’s God’s way of saying that there are still wonderful things to look forward to in life after a season of drought or sadness. Now’s the time to renew, recharge and freshen up and forget the bad things that occurred during the last season.

I love spring because it is the season of love. For those who’ve been hurt in the past, spring is the time to let go of that bitter feeling and welcome love in their hearts again. As for people who’ve never experienced being in love before, spring is the time of hope and great expectations. It is the time to explore and enjoy life like you’ve always wanted. Mostly, love often blooms during the spring season.

Perhaps I love spring because of the hope and the comfort it brings to weary souls. It is the time to relax, smell the flowers, be in one with nature, marvel at the wonderful creations of God, and simply expect for great things to come:-)

What To Know When You’re 25-ish….

I know I’m way past 25, but still I would like to repost this article by Shauna Niequist published on Relevant Magazine. Some of the things she stated here were exactly the things that I came to realize when I hit 25.
Editor’s note: This week, we’re taking a look at some of the “Best of RELEVANTMagazine.com” from 2010. This article is our most read ever. Period. End of story. It clearly hit many of you (and us) right where you’re at—approaching, at, or just past your late 20s, trying to figure out what it’s all meant and where you go from here. Most of you really resonated with Shauna’s thoughts, though some of you had quibbles with some of her emphases. But read it over again, and chime in below. The year might be almost over, but the conversation can keep going.

When you’re 25-ish, you’re old enough to know what kind of music you love, regardless of what your last boyfriend or roommate always used to play. You know how to walk in heels, how to tie a necktie, how to give a good toast at a wedding and how to make something for dinner. You don’t have to think much about skin care, home ownership or your retirement plan. Your life can look a lot of different ways when you’re 25: single, dating, engaged, married. You are working in dream jobs, pay-the-bills jobs and downright horrible jobs. You are young enough to believe that anything is possible, and you are old enough to make that belief a reality.


Now is the time to figure out what kind of work you love to do. What are you good at? What makes you feel alive? What do you dream about? You can go back to school now, switch directions entirely. You can work for almost nothing, or live in another country, or volunteer long hours for something that moves you. There will be a time when finances and schedules make this a little trickier, so do it now. Try it, apply for it, get up and do it.

When I was 25, I was in my third job in as many years—all in the same area at a church, but the responsibilities were different each time. I was frustrated at the end of the third year because I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do next. I didn’t feel like I’d found my place yet. I met with my boss, who was in his 50s. I told him how anxious I was about finding the one perfect job for me, and quick. He asked me how old I was, and when I told him I was 25, he told me that I couldn’t complain to him about finding the right job until I was 32. In his opinion, it takes about 10 years after college to find the right fit, and anyone who finds it earlier than that is just plain lucky. So use every bit of your 10 years: try things, take classes, start over.


Now is also the time to get serious about relationships. And “serious” might mean walking away from the ones that don’t give you everything you need. Some of the most life-shaping decisions you make in this season will be about walking away from good-enough, in search of can’t-live-without. One of the only truly devastating mistakes you can make in this season is staying with the wrong person even though you know he or she is the wrong person. It’s not fair to that person, and it’s not fair to you.


Twenty-five is also a great time to start counseling, if you haven’t already, and it might be a good round two of counseling if it’s been a while. You might have just enough space from your parents to start digging around your childhood a little bit. Unravel the knots that keep you from living a healthy whole life, and do it now, before any more time passes.


Twenty-five is the perfect time to get involved in a church you love, no matter how different it is from the one you were a part of growing up. Be patient and prayerful, and decide that you’re going to be a person who grows, who seeks your own faith, who lives with intention. Set your alarm on Sunday mornings, no matter how late you were out on Saturday night. It will be dreadful at first, and then after a few weeks, you’ll find that you like it, that the pattern of it fills up something inside you.

Don’t get stuck

This is the thing: when you start to hit 28 or 30, everything starts to divide, and you can see very clearly two kinds of people: on one side, people who have used their 20s to learn and grow, to find God and themselves and their deep dreams, people who know what works and what doesn’t, who have pushed through to become real live adults. And then there’s the other kind, who are hanging onto college, or high school even, with all their might. They’ve stayed in jobs they hate, because they’re too scared to get another one. They’ve stayed with men or women who are good but not great, because they don’t want to be lonely. They mean to find a church, they mean to develop honest, intimate friendships, they mean to stop drinking like life is one big frat party. But they don’t do those things, so they live in kind of an extended adolescence, no closer to adulthood than they were when they graduated college.

Don’t be like that. Don’t get stuck. Move, travel, take a class, take a risk. Walk away, try something new. There is a season for wildness and a season for settledness, and this is neither. This season is about becoming. Don’t lose yourself at happy hour, but don’t lose yourself on the corporate ladder either. Stop every once in a while and go out to coffee or climb in bed with your journal. Ask yourself some good questions like: “Am I proud of the life I’m living? What have I tried this month? What have I learned about God this year? What parts of my childhood faith am I leaving behind, and what parts am I choosing to keep with me for this leg of the journey? Do the people I’m spending time with give me life, or make me feel small? Is there any brokenness in my life that’s keeping me from moving forward?”

Now is your time. Become, believe, try. Walk closely with people you love, and with other people who believe that God is very good and life is a grand adventure. Don’t spend time with people who make you feel like less than you are. Don’t get stuck in the past, and don’t try to fast-forward yourself into a future you haven’t yet earned. Give today all the love and intensity and courage you can, and keep traveling honestly along life’s path.

Not Your Everyday Sweet Treats from God:-)

Miracles do happen to people everyday. The fact that you’re still alive reading this post is one great proof of that statement. We know that He works in our lives but sometimes, the way He works seem too obvious for us to notice–like we could really feel Him walking beside us, doing the miracle right before our very eyes.

Last night, I was privileged to experience and witness firsthand some sweet treats from God:-)

Since it’s a Friday, I could stay late to finish my online work so I decided to yield into my friend Michelle’s long-standing invitation for a videoke night. She and Erika wanted to go to Redbox. Being the budget-conscious that I am these days since I’m trying to save up for my upcoming trips, and Redbox being super expensive, I looked for some cheapo but still fine videoke place along Makati. Haplessly, either the places I suggested were already fully booked for the entire night, or Erika and Michelle doesn’t like the place.  Alright, so I decided to just give in to their going-gagah-over-Redbox mood. In my mind, I’m starting to calculate my budget and my savings if ever I’ll splurge a bit that night. However, since I sort of promised God that I will try not to do so much calculations about my money this year, I decided to stop my mental computations and opted to just entrust my budget to God.

And the first treat happened….

My sister kept nudging me about that Coffee Bean tumbler which I promised to give her as a post-Christmas gift. I don’t really have extra that time since I planned on buying it for her the next month. However, i thought of just giving it to her now so she’ll stop making kulit na. I was pretty sure of the amount of folded money I had in my wallet that time but to my surprise, I got extra P500 bill in that fold.  I really can’t believe it but I didn’t dwell much on the questions as to how that P500 bill got there or thought of other bills I forgot to pay. I just thanked God for I know that He’d just provided me an extra for that night.

On our way to Makati, the rain was falling sparingly. When we reached Ayala Avenue, Michelle texted me saying Redbox was already fully booked so she asked if we could just dine out or have coffee. That was the second treat of God:-) He just saved my P499!

Okay, so I dropped off my sister to her office and went straight to Mandarin Hotel where Erika and Michelle were waiting for me. On my way there, the rain began falling generously. I prayed to God to make the rain stop so we could enjoy the night out. To my dismay, the rain fell even heavier that i just decided to pass by the lobby of Mandarin Hotel instead of the employees’ entrance. Little did I know that the next surprises were up for grabs:-)

I went straight to the Public Relations office and saw my former colleagues there. Since we’re no longer going to Redbox, ERika left na for her yoga class. We exchanged some kwentos and kamustahans before Michelle decided to eat at Tin Hau. I would really want to just dine out since first of all, Tin Hau’s very expensive since it’s rate is that of a 5-star hotel; and second of all, I would want us to have more freedom to make kwento. But Michelle insisted and I couldn’t disagree more since the rain was really falling very hard that time. So we went to Tin Hau which is located at the 2nd floor of Mandarin Hotel. I just decided to prepare myself and my wallet  for the worst.

We ordered my favorite almond shrimp and two other dishes. Michelle then decided to invite the other PR ladies who came after me–Chenee and Donna. Since the PR boss was still in the office working, we decided to invite Ms.Charisse to join us, too. I missed her anyway so i thought it would be nice to exchange kwentos with her again after i left Mandarin. Good thing, Ms.Charisse accepted our invitation and joined us for a late dinner. After almost an hour of laughs and chats, Ms.Charisse decided to leave na since she still has millions of things to do for the upcoming event of the hotel. Few more minutes after Ms.Charisse left, Michelle asked for the bill. To our bewilderment, the manager of Tin Hau told us that Ms.Charisse already signed the bill (meaning, it would be deducted to her personal ledger on payday). We immediately called Ms.Charisse and confirmed it with her, and she just said it’s her treat to us. That moment, I could really hear the angels sing:-) My money just got saved again:-) And we even had free desserts courtesy of  Tin Hau’s manager.

Off to my last treat for the night…

Since the night’s still young, we decided to chill at Martini’s–the bar inside Mandarin Hotel. However, since Martinis has a dress code and I was wearing a jumpsuit last night, we decided to just stay at Captain’s Bar. Michelle ordered ladies’ drinks for us. The price of the drinks at that lounger is higher than your usual bar since it’s a hotel rate. Nevertheless, I just gave in since I haven’t spend a single amount for a food that night. So we chatted and chatted until we felt tired of talking and laughing. When we were about to get our bill, the attendant at Martinis told Michelle they’ll just fix the bill the next day because they’re just so busy that time. They didn’t even bother  checking what our orders were and how much would that be just in case. Well perhaps because they know us and they could see Michelle everyday in the hotel. But still, it’s close to saying  ‘hey, don’t bother paying. it’s our treat!’ And to this moment, no one ever contacted Michelle for that bill.

You see, I got lots obvious of sweet treats from God last night. I could really picture Him smiling at my bewilderment with the way He orchestrated everything for that spur of the moment lakad. From the rain that didn’t stop when I prayed for it to stop to the last part of that gimik night, I really felt God with us. God didn’t listen to my prayer for the rain to stop because if He did,  I would have not experienced and enjoy His other treats for me which He carefully prepared for me, for us, that night. I would have not enjoyed His other blessings had I just relied on the money in my wallet and in my worries about my savings.

Indeed, God is really a God of miracles and wonderful smiles. Just when you thought there’s no way out, He’ll come crashing a wall just so you can pass through it and meet His provisions there:-)

I’m expecting a miracle today. Are you?

Usapang Bata # 25

Dahil nga cute si steve, ininterview namin siya habang naglalaro sya sa tapat ng bahay ni Abuela:

Me: Ilang taon ka na Steve?

Steve: 8 po.

Me (talking to Teteng): Ay teh, pede siya kay Chloe!

Me (talking to Steve): Kilala mo si Chloe?

Steve: opo. Kilala ko nga din po si Simonne pati si Jm eh.

Me: Crush mo si Chloe?

Steve: (smiling sheepishly) Hindi po. Ang taba po kasi nya eh.

Me: Papayat din yun. Crush mo na lang sya. Sino ba crush mo dito?

Steve: wala po.

Teteng: Si jedang siguro crush mo?

Steve: Hindi po. Crush lang po niya ako.


O cge na, ikaw na ang crush ng bayan!


Usapang Bata # 24

Habang naglalakad kami papunta sa bahay, nakasalubong namin si steve–ang cute na cute na batang kung kasing edad lang nya ako eh magiging crush ko talaga siya. At dahil nga matanda na ako para kay Steve, si Chloe na lang ang ibinubugaw ko sa kanya:

Me: Beh, si steve oh!

Chloe: Nyeh! Yoko nga diyan. Di ko nman crush yan eh.

Frey: Ako crush ko yan! Ako na lang!


O cge ikaw na!!!

The Final Set–not a chance of closure for me


10,000,000 fans, but only 100,000 could get the chance to be part of the history….

And yes, I was part of that 100,000—and I super love the feelingJ Thanks to my friend Em who hurriedly and panickly bought two tickets when she found out months before that tickets for the concert were already being sold at Ticketnet.

To be honest, I love the first reunion concert more. For a starter, the band’s introduction and opening salvo wasn’t as thrilling and heart-thumping as the one that occurred last August 2008. Of course, there was still the excitement and the jittery feeling, but the first time was really different that even the countdown could already make you melt with uber anticipation. And if I may add, the long sponsors-thanking spiel of the MTV vjs honestly bore me off.

I don’t know if it’s just how the everything was presented that made me a little low-spirited during the first set or was it because I was stuck in the area where the crowd was so ‘patay’ in the sense that they are really ‘walang buhay.’ It’s like they were just there because they just want to join the band wagon. Some weren’t even watching the concert—with their backs to the stage (whatever!). And yes, how can I ever forget that group of teenagers beside us who were very much fond of shouting curses and bad words that I almost want to crush their lips when they shouted “gago ka pag di ka bumalik jan susunod ka kay francis!” to Ely when he said “thank you, goodnight.” Just that gesture of these kids could already prove that they’re not really a genuine follower of the the Eraserheads. From the way I see it (and Em, too), they’re just there to join the band wagon and to brag something to their networking sites, telling they were there at the much-awaited concert. They didn’t even know some of the songs that the band sung during the concert. What a waste of space given to these kids who doesn’t even know how to respect artists and their talents and were far more interested in posing cool by shouting bad words or talking trashes.

And then again, there were also those lovestruck couples standing close to us who looked more concerned on being mushy to their partners than joining the crowd jumping and singing to the Eheads ‘ songs. And yes, I hated it that I had to stay there just because the place was so jampacked that looking for a greener pasture (I mean, clearer view) could mean you settling in an even worst location. We were in the Silver A section but because the place was too crowded and wide, it felt like everyone in front of us grew suddenly taller and bigger.

But of course, it’s the final set I’ve long been waiting for so I’ve got to make a way to make this an ultraelectromagnetic memorable one. And that I did by not minding my ‘patay na lukan’ crowd beside and just jumped and shouted for joy whenever I want to. The hell I care about them! That was Eheads’ moment so that’s got to be my special moment, too!

One of my most memorable part of the concert was when Markus sangHuwag Mo Nang Itanong the reggae way—the Markus Adoro version, if I may say. Very very funny and very very catchy. I could even sense the other guys on-stage  also smiling to Markus’ way of rendering that song. I just simply love it! Then there’s Ely introducing Raymund in the vocals to sing Slo Mo. And then Raims continued on to sing Alcohol  as if to let Ely rest for a while to avoid any emergency. And since all three of them had their share of the vocals already, the crowd cheered for Buddy to give his share, too. Not really a singer, Buddy just answered the crowd by saying-or singing- a few lines from a certain commercial tag I think in which he was really the voice the behind.

And then, there was the tribute to Francis Magalona wherein Ely asked the entire crowd to shout Francis name as intro to their Superproxy song. And much to my surprise, they also did the chorus of kaleidoscope world which was a bit poignant.

It was really a fun night. I may have liked the first reunion concert more for most parts but seeing the four guys on stage interacting with each other already and even jesting a little as opposed to the first concert wherein you could really feel the tense between them, I could say this Final Set was made better. At least now you could say that past is already past and let bygones be bygones. We may never know if they’re really all okay na with each other but one thing’s for sure, I could feel the spirit of togetherness in their sets now than the first one. When they sang Minsan,everyone cheered in delight as if to tell the four to be honest with themselves and admit that they indeed miss each other and their good old hey-jay days.

Another memorable part was when everyone thought that the concert was already over. Little by little, people started going out of the venue. Good thing Em and I decided to stay for a while since I still want to have a picture in front of the stage. Very much surprising as it was, I think it was Buddy and Raims who went up the stage again and asked the crowd if they really want more.  Everyone was shocked and thrilled. I really screamed in delight. Then Buddy called Ely and Markus through the mic. Ely came first and then he said ‘wala pa si Markus, tawagin ninyo si Markus. Then the crowd shouted Markus! Markus! Next thing I know, I’m already in one with the crowd screaming while singing to the last three-for-the-road songs of Eheads for the night, Ligaya,Sembreak, and Toyang.I could really hear my screaming voice in the background of my recorded video.


But what really made my night was when my dear friend texted me when I was about to go home after I rested a bit while drinking brain-freezing coke (the opposite). Menans asked me to come to 7picados for the after-party of the concert. Without thinking twice, em and I got a taxi and even agreed hurriedly to pay P150 just to get to Sofitel in 5minutes. And in 5 minutes time, we were already there at 7picados, melting in delight over the sight of Ely. Never mind if Em and I both looked like fanatic college girls with our Eheads shirts still on. It’s Eheads and there’s no way we won’t do anything just to stand near them. “Friend, ginagahasa mo na si Ely sa tingin mo…” thus was my friend Menans told me when he saw me looking intensely at Ely. Then we saw Buddy and we had our picture taken with him. So far, I find him the nicest and most approachable of all. Then outside while waiting for the QTV staff’s van, we saw Markus and Menans asked his colleague to take our picture with Markus. Raymund was not at the venue that night—I think he’s already at Saguijo Bar that time. As for Ely, I almost gave up having a picture with him since we were already outside. Good Heavens! God heard my heart’s utmost desire that very special night and He did make a way for me to finally have my picture taken with Ely. Menans’ nice cameraman escorted us back to 7picados and talked to Ely’s bodyguard just so we could have a picture with him. Never mind the long qeue of fans waiting for their turns for Ely’s picture, we braved our way to Ely and I asked him if we could have a picture with him. And right now, while I’m typing this, I could still feel th kilig remembering how Ely answered me with a sweet and nice ‘Sure, sure!’answer. And voila! One of the most memorable pictures of my lifetime had just been shot.






Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! I could still feel the rush of emotions until now. Perhaps this after-shock will go on for a long, long, long time—longer than I expect it to be. And yes, even if people say that the Final Set is a chance for closure for the Eheads fans, I guess I will not and I’ll never have. For me, Eheads will forever be the best band of my youth and their songs will forever be a part of my ipod playlist or whatever new music gadget would be invented some 30 years from now. Ely, Buddy, Markus, and Raymund will always be The Eraserheads for me—the band who bravely started it all.

Note: repost (March 2009)

To The Greatest Man In My Life…

My Little Girl (Steve Kirwan)

From the moment I first held you

And rocked you to sleep
In my heart I knew
A child is never yours to keep
I knew one day you’d learn to fly
But I never dreamed what I’d feel inside


As I dance the last dance
With my little girl
And the first with the woman
Who’s found her place in the world
I see the woman in you
But for my whole life through
You’ll always be my little girl

You wrapped me ’round your finger
Your smile made me melt
I wished so many times
I would’ve told you what I felt
From your first steps
to sweet sixteen
The rush of memories
feels like a dream


I see the woman in you
But for my whole life through
You’ll always be my little girl

That’s the lyrics from the song that my Uncle Narding and my cousin Ate Melissa danced during her wedding some 4 or 5 years ago. The way they danced it was very heart-rending. Perhaps because we know for a fact that they’re really sweet to each other, like they’re the best pair to interpret that song.

The first time I heard that song, I almost cried. The lyrics and the melody’s just so touching. Back then, I dreamed that one day, i will also dance that song with Papa on my wedding day.

Five years later. No Father-Daughter dance on a wedding day happened between me and Papa. Worst, Papa already packed his physical self away from this world to join the Mighty Creator. So yes, there’s no chance I could ever dance that song again with him on my wedding day. I’m not even sure if that wedding day will happen anytime soon since I haven’t found my future husband yet. Oh well, save that for another post.

Today’s the first birthday of Papa which he’s celebrating with Jesus in heaven. His first birthday ever that he’s physically away from us.

I don’t want to magnify him and say he’s the greatest dad of all just because he’s already gone and it’s his birthday today. In all honesty, my dad’s not at all great in carrying out his role as a father. In fact, we had a lot of misunderstandings before. There were even months when we would not talk to each other over some issues concerning our attitudes. During my college years, I used to detest him. I used to think of him then as ‘epal’ and ‘kontrabida’ in my life’s drama. I also found his reasoning ‘mababaw’ most of the time.

Another thing that I didn’t like about him was his being so ‘mautos’ like even if he could already reach something, he would still call us to get it for him. He was also inconsiderate of our emotions like he would often jest my sister that her cooking’s not good even if he could really finish the entire dish all by himself, or he would tell me i’m not smart enough, etc. Perhaps most of them were just his usual banters but still, if you’re a daughter, of course you would want to hear words of encouragement from your father. Haplessly, my father wasn’t the type and he wasn’t the person you should come to if you need a lift or a boost.

I also didn’t like it that he was inconsiderate of my mom’s ‘pagod’ and her effort to take care of him especially when he’s confined in the hospital. Plus, he’s very ‘kuripot.’ I could barely count with my fingers the times I could remember him giving us money when we asked of him. Most of the time he would say, “tama na. may pagkain nman diyan eh.” or “wag kayong masyadong maluho.”

You see, Papa’s not really your fresh-from-the-Armageddon-movie type of father who’s really ever supportive and sweet to his daughter. Or maybe, he was just not the showy type or he’s not that too transparent of his emotions unlike some fathers. He’s also not the type who would spoil his kids with different stuff. I can’t even remember him buying us a thing that we really liked. He was just not the spoiling type.

Ask me how I feel about it when I was younger and I would answer you with a crisp “i’m just not lucky enough to have a good father.”

But now I could perfectly understand and appreciate my dad’s unique way of raising us up. I’m not saying this because he’s already dead and it’s his birthday today, but because that’s true. That’s a straight from the heart answer from a grown up lady who was able to look beyond the usual banters, inconsiderate side comments, and often irritating ‘utos’ of her father.

Papa’s not at all perfect. In fact, there were a number of times he failed my expectation of a good father. But I wholeheartedly appreciate the way he brought us up to be God-fearing, good, responsible, respectful, selfless, humble, loving, and generous women. If not for his ‘pangaral’ when we were growing up, we wouldn’t be the kind of person we are today. He never failed to remind us of the importance of ‘pakikipag-kapwa-tao.’ I remember he used to tell me that your intelligence is of no use if you don’t know how to treat all people the right way. I used to get mad at him whenever he asked me to help our maid clean the house before. Now, I hold in high regard his unending nudges because I grew up not treating house helps as just mere ‘maids’ or workers but as a real member of the family. And we didn’t grow up feeling like senyoritas because Papa already inculcated in our minds that we’re not, and we’re just mere member of a family who needs to help the other members of the family.

He didn’t spoil us with various stuff when we were growing up because he wanted us to be responsible for our needs. Papa wanted us to appreciate the value of hard work more than the value of money. That’s primarily why we didn’t grow up depending on other people for whatever needs we may have. We asked for help but we didn’t really rely on them totally. Personally, I grew up as an independent woman who knows the importance of being responsible for your own life. All thanks to my parents.

I grew up knowing God and putting Him in the center of my life because of my parents, especially Papa. I value the importance of attending church as a family every Sunday because of him, and that you should not treat the church as a movie house wherein you will arrive late and will just repeat the next mass from where you started.

Papa thought us to be on top of our game all the time. He didn’t encourage mediocrity that’s why he always gave us unnecessary side comments before because he wanted us to strive harder. He wanted us to give our best shot in everything we do.

I appreciate the value of walking and going to places you don’t know through him. If there’s one thing I would really commend my father, that’s his ability to know each and every directions on the road. My dad embodied the real definition of the term ‘street smart.’ He’s not afraid of going to unfamiliar places because he believed there’s always a way out and that you just need to ask for the right directions.

Did I just magnify Papa in this post?

Nope, I didn’t. I just stated real truths about the first greatest man in my life. Those are the things I’ll forever be grateful for.  The father that God blessed me with may not be the best dad this world could ever have, but I am thankful because he was able to raise us to the best he could. He might have gone from this world but the things he taught us, the words he inculcated in us, and the good values he left us with will forever linger in our hearts and minds and will be passed on to posterity.

Happy Birthday Papa Dearest!

Tito Erning* Tito Narding* Papa