Back to School Teacher Blues


After a month of rest (well supposed to be two months but I worked for the summer camp so it was trimmed down to a month of vacation), I’m gonna be back to work again tomorrow, the 1st of August. And I share with the sentiments of the millions of teachers all over the world who’s going back to work again, I am not yet ready to go back.

Not that I don’t wanna work ever again.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my job. I love my school. I always tell everyone around me how thankful I am to be part of that school.

But…I am just not ready. Not physically and emotionally ready for any back to work stuff.

But tomorrow can’t be escaped. And to sprinkle some positivity, tomorrow should not be dragged.

I should view tomorrow as another blessing because I’m still part of my dream school. It helps to remind myself of that feeling I felt when I finally got offered this teaching job in this school. It helped to motivate me for the first day of going back to school.

Plus! It helped that we got our salary today! Yeehaw! I love my school!

So tomorrow can’t be escaped but it can be enjoyed. Work for now so I can save up and travel more during school breaks.

Cheers to all the teachers who are coming back to school soon!


What Will You Do If You Become An Instant Millionaire?

I believe I’d already answered this question twice before (on different occasions) with the same answer—I will build more schools for those children whose parents don’t have enough means to provide them the education they need.

It was the answer I gave when I embraced this calling of being a teacher.

This answer might be too good to be true for some, too righteous maybe, but really, that was the instant answer that came in my mind when that question was popped.

I want to build schools for those kids in the far flung provinces in the Philippines. I’m an avid fan of GMA-7’s documentaries and I must admit that my heart never fails to ache whenever I watch docus of children who had to walk a thousand miles, most of the time barefoot, just to get to their school. I want to build a school near them so they don’t have to travel that far just to have the proper education they need.

I want to build schools for the children of the poor communities, especially those who really want to study but don’t have enough means to do so. I want to make these children feel that as opposed to what they’re normally being told, education is not just for the rich or those who can afford, but education is for them too.

I want to build schools for children with special needs, those with autism or were born with Down Syndrome but couldn’t afford to go to SPED schools because they are too costly for them.

And yes, these schools I’m planning to build will all be free for everyone.

Back then, I never wanted to be a teacher. I even find this profession too baduy then. But God caused a 180 degree turn in my heart towards this profession. God gave me a change of heart. Suddenly, I found being a teacher such a noble job. In fact, I don’t want to label it as just a profession, but rather it is a vocation because teaching is a calling that requires a genuine heart to serve.

If only I could, I would want to go to these remote barrios in the Philippines and be a teacher there. But I just don’t know how. I don’t have yet enough means to do so. Or maybe, I’m still cowering of what my future will be if I will leave my life in the city and retreat in far-flung areas to be a volunteer teacher there. Or maybe still, there’s just no opportunity being presented to me yet because I believe that if there is, I would gladly heed on to the call. I believe that my being adventurous and patriotic weren’t innate in me for nothing. I know someday they will be put to good use.

I believe that God called me to become a teacher from being a writer and public relations practitioner because long before, I already have this heart to make education available for everyone. I want to help these kids to start dreaming again and dream big at that. I want to shape their minds and mold them to think big and never stop hoping for better days to come. i don’t want them to stop thinking that life will be better for them and their families. Furthermore, I want them to get to know Christ more. I want them to learn to trust in Him and completely put on their hopes on Him. I want these kids to see Jesus Christ as their one and only Super Hero.

I am not a millionaire and I’m not even sure when I will be one, but I will continuously pray that God will make use of me to bring education to these kids of poor communities and remote places–millionaire or not. I will pray for open doors to make this desire a reality.

How A Preschool Moving Up Day Made Me Cry…

If my memory serves me right, the last time I cried on a graduation day was during my high school graduation. Back then, I cried as a young teenybopper who was so attached to her high school friends and to her school and a bit afraid of what the new journey in college will bring her life. I cried over Madonna’s song ‘I Remember’ since that song really spoke of how I felt during that last day of my high school life.

More than a decade after that emotional scene from my high school graduation, I found myself dewy-eyed again ’cause of a school’s culmination activity. This time, the role that I played was way different from the one I portrayed ten years back. From being just the one waiting for her name to be called to go up the stage, I was now the one giving the certificate to the students. I’m now the teacher.

Being someone who’s easily attached to people and things, our school’s Moving Up Day was something I was looking forward to and dreading at the same time. I was excited about it because it’s a brand new experience for me, but I dreaded it since it meant bidding farewell to the kids, especially those who are already going to big schools.

And the inevitable separation happened this morning.

At first, the teachers were cool about the event. We were even laughing while decorating the venue. Then the kids arrived with their parents, and few moments after, the program started.

During the speech of the school’s directress, when she expressed her gratefulness to the parents, especially the sweet mommies who’ve been so helpful, so nice, and so thoughtful to us, I could already feel my tears wanting to fall down. Thankfully, I was able to hold it back.

Then the sweet mommies asked us to stay on the stage because they’ve prepared a small presentation for us. Thereupon, the kids formed a line holding three pieces of roses each. One by one–wait make that all of them–went up the stage and gave the teachers the roses, gave us a sweet hug, and said ‘thank you.’  That was the sweetest and the most rewarding  scene I’ve ever experienced in my 7 years of working professionally.

After few picture taking, I went down the stage. Cole and his mom came to me and asked to take a picture with me. I hugged Cole because I’ll surely going to miss him since he’s one of the sweetest kids in class. Mommy Jane (his mom) then told me that Cole was crying last night because it finally dawned on him that he’s not going to Escuela Legarda anymore next school year. And I could no longer forbear my tears. I hugged Cole once more, this time, it was tighter and I told him I’m really going to miss him.

I’m being so emotional, I know. I’m a teacher so I should get used to this kind of scenarios since every year, we’ll have Moving Up Day and we’ll say goodbye to different sets of kids. But still…This whole thing was just so heart-melting and I never thought that parents could really appreciate teachers like the way these parents did.

Now I know what’s the toughest part of being a preschool teacher is. It’s not about teaching them the basics and really starting from scratch, not even changing diapers or washing them after they made poo-poo. It’s saying goodbye to little angels who’ve been my babies for the last 10 months of my life.

I’m not sure if these kids will ever remember us when they go to big school, especially if they’ll grow accustomed to it already. I hope they will, though. But I will certainly keep them in my heart for as long as live. I know for sure that at any random day, I would be checking on my old albums of the school and relive the precious moments spent with these little angels through those photos.