White Orchid


Some thirty-two years ago
You were born
Who would have thought that twenty-one years later, our roads will meet?
And we will fall in love?
You loved white orchids then
You loved it so much your would eyes sparkle whenever you see one
Two years after…
I never thought that the very flower
You’ve always adored
Will be the same flower
I will be bringing to your tomb
Two years..
I only had you physically for two years
And yet, the years following your final goodbye
I could still feel you with me
You are still very much a part of me like you were when you’re still here
Today, I will be bringing you your favorite flower
I will be reliving our memories together
It’s supposed to be your 32nd birthday, my love
If only you are still with me…

Usapang Bata #38

Habang nanonood ng Thomas & Friends Cartoon sa YouTube:

Me: Yan tingnan mo bad yung isa train oh. Si Thomas good. San pupunta pag good?

Toki: Tay Jetus (Jesus)

Me: San si Jesus?

Toki: Dun (pointing up)

Me: Sa heaven. Eh san pupunta pag bad?

Toki: Dun (pointing down)

Me: Sa hell. San yung hell?

Toki: Bahay namin☺